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Phenomenal Week in Review May 17 – 23, 2020


Did you see all of the books we launched this week? Check out the list here: Week in Review


Chronicles of the Fae Princess:

They wanted a fight? I’ll give them one. I just hope I last long enough to learn what I need to do.


The Beginning of the End:

Stopping the Dark One is going cost lives, blood and tears … but will it also cost Alex her soul?


Always Dead:

Ghosts always knew when you saw them. One did not stumble upon a ghost. If you saw them, they wanted you to see them…


Paranormal University:

The gods started the war… Can Claire end it?


Agents, Agreements, and Aggravations:

Jenny is back in America, but this time she is looking to settle down. Or is she?


Avenging Angels:

FIVE AGAINST AN EMPIRE – They travel to the past to save the future.


WOW! Talk about an exciting week of new releases! That’s almost one a day this week, did you see them all? If not, grab your copies now! And get yourself set up for a wild ride of reads!

See what you missed and enjoy the thrilling stories woven masterfully by our authors at LMBPN today! Week In Review



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