It’s that time of the month when we let you know about all the great books coming up in April that are already available for preorders!

April showers bring May flowers. But you know what April showers also bring? Plenty of time to read books! If it’s raining, you can’t do yard work. Sure, you could do housework, but we all need to use books to procrastinate that. You know I’m right. I won’t even ask.

Not only do we have a bunch of new releases this month, but there are four new series launching this month, one of which is not on preorder yet. If you want to hear more about the new series, check out this blog post from the end of March.​ It has all sorts of information on them. Which of the new series are you looking forward to?

We kicked off April with a ton of books releasing and the rest of the month isn’t letting up either. Check out what’s coming your way below!​

Reminder: These may not be the only books on preorder this month, but they are the ones currently available for preorder. Others may be added throughout the month (and looking at the calendar, I’ve got a good bet that there will be a few more).

Books available for preorder:

Boxed sets available for preorder:

A Danger Destroyed

The Crimson Assault

Magic Lost

Field of Valor

Wake Him Up


No One Dies Alone

Jersey Troll

Rogue Victory

Revenge of the Scythe

The Practical Maverick

Fight Where I Am

Soul Bottles

Say My Name

Never Too Expensive

Boxed sets available for preorder

The DragonClaw Sword Complete Series Omnibus

The Astral Wanderer Complete Series Boxed Set