Red Letter Week in Review

A week of books to be remembered!


Week in Review May 23 – 29, 2021

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Evil in The Badlands:

Junior year in a school for the magically gifted who like to color outside the rules. More freedom, more magic and more adventures for the young shifter. Amanda is up to the task, right? An internship with the Coalition is eating up her weekends and it’s one big secret. Amanda can’t even tell her friends. Easier said than done. Teachers are assigning more complicated magic that go on for weeks and it’s not all fun and games. Get distracted and someone could get hurt. A new monster is on the loose and the Coalition needs Amanda’s help to track it down to save another shifter. Amanda can’t do it alone. Can she trust her friends to keep her secrets with the Coalition? Will they risk getting kicked out of the Academy?

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Warrior Drow:

Even magical families have their share of secrets. And Drow Royalty’s secrets run even deeper – with a hint of danger. Cheyenne Summerlin’s finding that out firsthand. Note: Warrior Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. Can anyone in her family tell the truth and avoid the mayhem? That doesn’t seem likely. The Crown has their eye on Cheyenne and Ember. They’ve been tracking them all over town. First to Bianca’s house, then Cheyenne’s apartment, and now the school where she teaches. Is there a trap waiting to be sprung? Is it connected to whoever is melding human tech with O’gúl tech? That’s a nasty piece of work. Could the Crown go that low? Cheyenne and Ember are in a race to complete the last trial and place the coin on the altar. Is this the destiny they want to fulfill?


Blood Ad Infinitum:

“What is the difference between me and a monster?” This librarian became a half-vampire and fought for her life against all odds. Now, she must face an enemy she never expected—but he’s not just unexpectedly powerful…he’s disturbingly attractive. Blood Ad Infinitum is the third book in a brand new, dark urban fantasy series mixing horror, history, and blood-soaked romance. Featuring a snarky librarian heroine in an adventure like no other, with thrilling plot twists and characters faced with “personal growth or death.” Ranging through England, the Middle East, and Russia, and through time from the Neolithic to modern day, get caught up in the passionate origin story of the am’r and a desperate fight throughout the centuries. The newest and least powerful must in the end decide who will lead them all—but will she pay the ultimate price for it?


One Decision Too Late:

Human greed conspires with bizarre coincidences to unleash a Zoo nightmare of epic proportions. Disgruntled ex-employees seize a lab and resort to blackmail. The cryptids they study are their ultimate weapon. A super-spy has Desk in his sights. An unsuspecting world hangs in the balance. The Zoo is ready to expand. This time, it could be impossible to stop it. Ignorance gives the jungle an unexpected foothold in Europe. Will the Zoo be driven back? Can Big Harry be stopped before he rampages through Europe? How does Desk evade a determined search and retrieve expert? When things are desperate, there is only one thing to do—call McFadden and Banks. They will get the job done or die trying. Delivering miracles is all in a day’s work…


Djinn and Bear it:

What will you bear to survive? Jeannie's heart broke when her ex-boyfriend's chick on the side confronted her during Spring Break. When she finds a mysterious brass lamp in the unlikeliest place, she’s determined to use her wishes for good causes. But why is she, a bear shifter, suddenly a total klutz all of a sudden? One hundred years ago, Ismail made a deal on the eve of a war he’d been conscripted to fight. He bound himself to a magic lamp, agreeing to serve three masters in exchange for safety, power, and time. He lost everything he should have protected.  Jeannie’s luck is worse than the Rex Sox after the Bambino’s curse. Ismail’s thawing heart moves him to bend the rules of Djinn magic for her. But once he grants her three wishes, he’ll be bound to that lamp forever unless a descendant exists who can take his place.


Nefarious Intentions:

To the victor go the spoils. Maybe. Zaena’s recent assault against the gangs has devastated not only her elven enemy but struck the heart of San Francisco’s organized crime.  Will she get any credit for that? Unlikely. With the city secure and her newfound control of the nexus, is she ready to move on to the next stage of her plan? Displays of power invite challenges from the strong, but not all challengers are honorable. Reconstructing and protecting the building around the nexus should be a simple matter, but hidden dangers await in the Black Lotus Club.  Rumors of dangerous and brutal attacks spark worry. Is this a new, deadlier magical threat? Someone or something is cutting a bloody swath across the United States and heading straight toward San Francisco. Unfortunately, not every human who knows about magic is ready to put aside their avarice to help Zaena. Zaena thought she was on a mission of mercy, but has she actually started a magical war?

Noteworthy New Books Here: Week in Review

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