It’s the start of another exciting week. However, this week, we’re starting slow and there is no new release today! That might mean you have an extra day to catch up on the new releases you bought at fan pricing this week. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a lazy Monday? I know I do. (Don’t tell the boss man – I got the newsletter done despite it being a lazy Monday! LOL)

I have 3 wonderful books launching this week, but the releases don’t start until Tuesday! And there may be a surprise release at the end of the week. Keep an eye out just in case.

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Peacemaker
Series: Para-Military Recruiter Book 15
Release Date: 01/23/2024

How do you navigate through cascading challenges when every wave might be a tempest?

Julie and her allies, including Taylor and Eglantine, plunge into the abyss of the Deep, liberating dragons from Mordred’s malevolent clutches.

But victory is fleeting—can they decipher Mordred’s ominous, elusive schemes before it’s too late?

In the halls of Avalon, a peace summit meant to unify paranormals against looming threats teeters on the brink of collapse amid anti-war protests. Julie, grappling with the mysteries of the perilous void knife and staving off attacks from the enigmatic Wild Hunt, finds herself adrift amidst a sea of crises.

Can she anchor her leadership and find a way to steer the alliance against the dark tide Mordred is unleashing?

Plunge into a tale of undulating mysteries, powerful magic, and the eternal dance between despair and hope, as Julie seeks to awaken allies long-forgotten and navigate the treacherous waters of loss, leadership, and war.

Will the awakening of ancient powers herald the fall of Mordred, or will the abyss consume them all?

Title: We Rise Again
Series: The Warrior 2 Book 6
Release Date: 01/24/2024

Heka, the ancient god of magic, has grand plans and thanks to Dr. Semenov, Heka knows exactly where he’s going to start.

Black-market weapons manufacturers and dealers. And his plans aren’t for the good of the world.

Meanwhile, Emily Trigger and the Prodigal Suns are impatiently waiting for a spell to work so they can track down Heka. They’re using the time to figure out the mechanics of Emily’s new magic and how they can use it together as a team.

Teamwork makes dreams work, right?

When the tracking spell finally goes off in the middle of the night, they grab their gear and follow their pet zombie. But they aren’t the only ones following him.

A whole bunch of Heka-turned-zombies are tracking them too and they’re hell bent on getting their hands on Emily and her powerful magic.

The Prodigal Suns aren’t going to let that happen.

Several fights later and they end up at Ricky Palladino’s house. He’s not Heka, but he’s his left-hand man, so it’s good enough for now. And maybe his spell book might have some answers for them.

They need a consult with Samsu to find the answer to putting an end to Heka once and for all. Or at least putting him back in his underground tomb.

Can Emily and the Prodigal Suns continue to fight off zombies and make their way into Russia before Heka completes his plans and destroys the world?

Get your copy to continue the adventures today!

Title: Adopted Gods
Series: Second Contact Book 2
Release Date: 01/25/2024

What do gods owe their followers?

It’s been months since Fenrick Shorla and his crew found themselves abandoned on an alien world teeming with intelligent life. They have learned to survive and work together. Now, the real mission begins.

With the Perseverance adrift, its crew held captive in cryo, Fen is determined to find a way to beat the rogue VI and terraformer drones that hold them hostage.

But can he use the alien primitives of the planet to help achieve his goals?

The insectaurs treat him and his crew as deities, never knowing that humanity has come to claim the world as their own.

As an impossible ship arrives bearing a new threat to both the colony and the insectaur tribes, the crew must decide how far they will go for their alien neighbors.

Do they stand side by side with the insectaurs and risk their chance to reclaim the Perseverance? Is it better to hide behind the colony walls?

Everyone on Fen’s team knows they are underqualified for the task of saving the Perseverance. Now they face a bigger challenge as they find themselves made adopted gods.