Happy New Year!

The second day of 2023 is here and we kick the day off with a list of new releases coming your way this week. ​We have two new series coming your way as well this week – so not just new releases in existing series, but new releases in new series. Isn’t that fantastic?

We even have a sneak peek of one of the two new series below! Check it out!​​​​

There are 5 spectacular books launching this week. One of those is out today! Check them out!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Seven If By Luck
Series: Chronicles of Winland Underwood Book 7
Release Date: 01/02/2023

Winland Underwood was right! Her mother is alive, rescued, and returned to the Ozark kemana.

The Warrior Witch may be back, but the mother-daughter reunion Winland dreamed of isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Especially now that they’re both dealing with the fallout.

Hector Fang has betrayed her. Erickson’s revelations about her mom still haunt her. And Leeland Byrnes doesn’t give straight answers.

Winland thought she was forging her own destiny. Can she get out from under the shadow of her parents to do so

Leeland’s release from her wrongful interdimensional imprisonment hasn’t gone unnoticed. An old war general of Rhazdon’s wants Leeland returned to his side and will do anything he can to get her there.

Is the Warrior Witch’s dark, sordid past about to catch up with her and her daughter?

Can Winland keep her mother safe from what’s to come? 

Dragon Missing e-book coverTitle: Dragon Rising
Series: Dragon Apparent Book 4
Release Date: 01/03/2023

Is the truth worth dying for? What if no one believes the truth anyway?

While some of the dragons in Detaris are adjusting to having a new red dragon around, other’s aren’t. They hound Scarlet no matter what she wants to try and do.

If she doesn’t put an end to it soon, she’s going to wind up injured, or worse.

Her supporters are insistent that Scarlet take the reins of the greatest realm in the world.

She still isn’t sure. She wants to be left alone to get to know her new family, but more and more dragons are popping up with half-truths and selfish agendas.

Can Scarlet prove her lineage, power, and capability before it’s too late? Or will she be betrayed at every turn?

The world is still in denial of the approaching danger. Can Scarlet do what’s needed and unite them against the common enemy?

Title: Deadly Fathoms
Series: Free Worlds Book 1
Release Date: 01/04/2022

George Dane was the hero of the last war on Earth. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet as security chief for humanity’s first interstellar colony mission.

After over a century in stasis aboard their ship, the colonists are shocked to find their new home is completely covered by oceans.

Upon landing, they discover that they are not alone…

The struggle to learn how to live beneath the sea while under attack from the dangerous wildlife that dwells in the depths commences.

Dane and his people must take on challenges mission control didn’t prepare them for. Can human ingenuity overcome the disadvantages they are faced with?

Or are they doomed to fail like those who abandoned the remains of another colony found beneath the waves?

After coming to terms with learning they weren’t the first to arrive, the questions of who the original colonists were and what happened to them must be answered.

With danger ever present, will Dane and his people be able to solve the mystery in time to avoid the same fate as those who came before them?

Title: Unleashed
Series: Unreal Book 4
Release Date: 01/05/2023

An impossible burden with Real World consequences. 

Tasked with building a new system for both Reals and Unreals, the Coalition makes plans to travel back to Southwest Territory and Paradise 3 Community.

The reality they’re fighting to realize is as fleeting as a dream, and just as fragile.

Southwest Territory is already flailing and Paradise 3 is nearly unrecognizable after heavy Cerebrolink rollouts. When they find the Coalition home base is up in flames and their friends are in the clutches of Paradise 7, all hope seems lost.

There’s nothing to support a rescue mission, let alone rebuild a world from the ground up. 

The Coalition knows the cost of failure is integration of the entire Real population, and they refuse to give up without a fight. 

Can Mila and Channel survive the final push for a united world?

Title: Incendio: Flame Born
Series: Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Book 1
Release Date: 01/06/2022


No description available yet. It should be coming soon.



A new sci-fi series by Kevin McLaughlin and Michael Anderle releases later this week. Check out this sneak peek to discover more about Free Worlds and Deadly Fathoms!