Guess what we have for you this week? We have a brand new series coming your way AND the first book in the series released this morning. If you were a fan of the Chosen by the Slain series, you’ll want to check this new series out! And we have a sneak peek of it below!

But we also have a number of series continuing this week.

I have 5 amazing books launching this week, and the first release, which happens to launch a new series, is already out. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Mantle of a God e-book coverTitle: Mantle of a God
Series: Chosen by Freya
Release Date: 08/21/2023

Terra Olson is an archeologist in the making.

When she gets an opportunity to work with one of her idols at a dig that may contain artifacts linked with Norse mythology, she jumps at the offer. What more could she ask for?

Probably to not be betrayed by that very same idol.

She’d expected the job to be a killer…just not in the buried-alive-and-left-to-die-alone way. How could she have seen that coming?

But she is not alone.

She finds one of the treasures of the goddess Freya and learns that she is no myth. The artifacts they were searching for become her salvation, and the start of her new life.

Through her findings, Terra learns about the connection between Asgard and Earth…and gets caught up in a battle that could change history.

Her one time mentor thought she was a nobody, easily left for dead with no one who would care. Now Terra has become the chosen of Freya and she wields both her majesty and her wrath in the fight for the future of magic.

Can Terra survive by ascending to become more than human? Or will she get caught in the crossfire between those who wish to protect the hidden realm and those who wish to expose magic for malicious purposes?

Title: Obsession
Series: A Murderous Mind Book 2
Release Date: 08/22/2023

John Hilt’s looks perfect, but his dark compulsion is intensifying: he can’t stop killing people…

…And his dead friend, Harry, loves it.

John, lost in this murderous obsession, doesn’t see the world collapsing around him. Police officers Alan Tremock and Susan Merchent believe they’ve cornered their man and will stop at nothing to ensure he pays. As they connect the dots, a chilling pattern surfaces: wherever John Hilt ventures, death closely follows.

Yet, Harry’s whispering something new to John: “Kill them, too.”

As John teeters on the edge of his dark abyss, he’s faced with a chilling choice: to resist his murderous instincts and risk Harry’s rath or to succumb to his darkest desires, leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

Tension escalates and stakes rise as Tremock and Merchent close in, unaware they’re stepping into the crosshairs of a relentless predator. As lines blur between hunter and hunted, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues.

In a chilling race against time, will they unravel John’s dark secret before they become his next victims? Or will Harry’s bloodthirsty demands be fulfilled?

Dive into a whirlwind of suspense, intrigue, and bone-chilling terror. Grab your copy now and prepare to be kept awake, each tick of the clock amplifying your dread. Can you predict the predator’s next move? There’s only one way to find out…

Note: This book was previously published as Lightning Strikes.

Title: Photos and Prophecies
Series: The Shameless Mage Book 3
Release Date: 08/23/2023

The secret is out and all that remains is to ease the Whole World into accepting Other World so the Veil can be brought down without triggering Apocalypse #6.

Almost a year has passed since the Battle of Calton Hill. The British Government failed to suppress the existence of magicals and have been excluding the magicals from discussions about how to handle the revelation.

The Whole World is fascinated with the idea of magic. Some humans support the magicals, some want them permanently exiled, and others want to get magic for themselves. Social media is flooded with magical-related content, most of it faked.

Meanwhile, Thea has been working hard, and by working hard we mean never missing an opportunity to make the news.

But something changed when Thea defeated Haiden. A darkness took root in her and is being fed by the attention she is receiving from the media.

Phil is aware of Thea’s struggle and must persuade the other daemons that if she is the focus of the snippet of ancient prophecy instead of Haiden then they have nothing to worry about.

As the threat of war between humans and magicals gets real, Thea must conquer the darkness before it takes over and she becomes everything she has been fighting to prevent.

Can Thea be the light both worlds need? Or will she succumb to the darkness and destroy everything?

Title: Aria of Betrayal
Series: An Aria for the Vampire Book 3
Release Date: 08/24/2023

Cora gave up everything to stay alive. Her relationship, her home, and her actual life.

She didn’t even get a t-shirt to go with her ethically murky career path and the two foster kids who crash landed in her life.

Parenting the powerful comes with growing pains no one could prepare Cora for.

Andrew has run back to the cult she helped him and Andrea escape from. Andrea is sure that Andrew has gone back to prove his usefulness and take down the Evolved from the inside, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Caught between worry for his safety and the fear that his return is down to her failure, Cora’s only option is to mount an impossible rescue mission for someone who might want the world destroyed.

Will the precarious limb Cora put herself out on for the kids snap and send her plummeting to her death? Or can the family ties she’s created take the strain and save everyone?

Title: Summer Cyclone
Series: Magic at Myers Beach Book 4
Release Date: 08/25/2023

There is only one month’s supply of fairy dust remaining, and Györfi is threatening the fairy kingdoms who have relocated to Myers Beach.

Theos, Lily, Dos, Greta, Alias, and the Third King must join forces to fight for everything and everyone they hold dear.

They have everything they need to save their people. Or so they hope.

Hope is all they have. That, and the nine elements they’ve collected.

Györfi is hellbent on making sure no one gets a happy ever after. It’s a race against time and fate as he closes in on Myers Beach.

Will the fairy dust Alias recreates from the nine elements be strong enough? Or will it take a force even greater than magic to save everyone?

Mantle of A God Banner

When a Goddess shows up at your work place, you know something big is about to happen. Discover what in this snippet!