It’s the last week of April and I can honestly say, this might be the best week of the month! There is not one, not two, but THREE new series launching this week. We have sneak peeks for those series linked below as well as ways to preorder them too! I think you will enjoy all of them.

We had so many things in this newsletter, I decided to wait until next Monday to tease the new series coming out in May. And there will also be interviews with the two newest authors that have joined LMBPN. Soon we’ll have more articles on the site too – working through the ideas before we have them to share with all of you.​

Now, on to the books!​​​ 
I have 6 amazing books launching this week, That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Fight Where I Am
Series: The Warrior Book 6
Release Date: 04/25/2022

Lieutenant Colonel Richard MacBlair has appeared out of thin air. Idina Moorfield has far more questions than the few answers her Uncle is willing to give her.

He wants her to wait and she’s tired of waiting. Does she have a choice? Not really when Uncle is also your boss.

Why is he trying to ignore their family connection? Has he been helping her from the sidelines all along?

Someone is gunning for Idina and has her in its sights. She just doesn’t know who or what it is.

Will MacBlair tell her? Will they be able to fight it together? Do the visions of Gavina have anything to do with this tangled mystery?

One thing’s for sure, Idina has more training and more problems than she did when this all started.

Soul Bottles e-book coverTitle: Soul Bottles
Series: Demon Codex Book 1
Release Date: 04/26/2022

Someone has been gathering up the scattered pieces of an ancient tome of magic. If the Codex is assembled, it will unleash the power to summon daemons.

Professor Derrick Watson, expert in daemonic languages, would prefer to remain secure in his ivory tower at a Philadelphia university.

Except, his most talented former students are being set up, and innocent people are dying as a result.

Can Watson track down the pieces of the Codex before more people fall victim to its power? Should he even try?

Watson finds that he has no choice. He is overly protective of his students and he’s the best person for the job. Which sucks for him. He’d rather continue with his pedantic research and play chess with his necromancer best friend.

But even in a world where magic exists, we seldom get what we want.

Watson is forced to navigate a maze of elementals, undead, and rival mages. Can he protect his friends and his community? Or will the other powers at play outwit the professor?

Title: An Enemy Uncovered
Series: Witch of the Federation Book 15
Release Date: 04/26/2022

The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and human Witches are training alongside Meligorn mages.

Please Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Witch of the Federation VI.

Stephanie and Todd celebrate the success of removing their parents to the safety of Meligorn. However, their relief is short-lived when people close to them are attacked.

Emerald is resurrected in the Night of the Long Knives…

Stephanie wants the fight as much as Morgana. Removing the rot permeating the system shakes up every level of the Federation—including the underworld.

How many personas does one woman need?

That is a question only Elizabeth can answer.

Will BURT uncover what has been hidden from him before it’s too late? Or will the machinations of the Telorans and the enemy within combine to bring down the Federation?

Title: Say My Name
Series:Judge, Jury, Executioner Book 15
Release Date: 04/27/2022

The arrogance of success. The criminality of using it to crush people under one’s thumb.

A license to destroy. More than a single life, entire cultures replaced.

For a few credits more.

Find the crime!

Rivka can’t touch him or can she? Will he allow it? In this part of space, he calls the shots.

The Federation is on the outside looking in.

From the frontier, a single business starts to take over. Not a crime family, like Nefas, but a single individual forcing people to sell their souls. Unlimited power.

Like Satan has returned and demanded payment.

You’ll know his name, soon enough. “Say my name!”

Is what he’s doing illegal? Rivka is going to find out. Can she stop him if it’s not against the law?

Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

Get it today.

Title: Never Too Expensive
Series: Interstellar Security and Extraction Services Book 1
Release Date: 04/28/2022

In today’s universe, we understand that it’s not enough to simply move you from point A to point B.

Is your safety in question? Your destination is not an accepted destination for “legal” travel? Need to avoid local entanglements? A mass uprising?

Contact the transportation branch of Intergalactic Securities.

From creative document procurement to fabricating seemingly lethal incidents, you can rest easy. Our skilled professionals are here to serve you. Catering for everyone from disgraced tycoons to exiled royalty, our accommodations make you feel like you never left your dictatorial palace.

Independently owned and operated, the transportation branch can handle any interstellar relocation. With an understanding Captain who values discretion and expediency, all your worries will disappear—

as will you, if that’s what you need.

The Last Witch of Calhoun Holler e-book coverTitle: The Last Witch of Kalhoun Holler
Series: Marmalade and Magic Book 1
Release Date: 04/28/2022

After Jemma Nox’s mother left, what was left of her family’s world fell apart. Jemma knew she and her dad needed a change, but really?

Jemma would follow her dad anywhere. She never would have guessed that anywhere included the likes of Kalhoun County.

Planted squarely in the heart of Appalachia, this new home feels like anything but.

Jemma is strong, adaptable, and smart. She’s not going to let a little culture shock scare her.

But this place is different, and not just because the hottest hangout is the hardware store parking lot. It’s something in the air, in the water, and all those somethings lead to Elloise Brickellwood.

Ms. Brickellwood, or Mama B to those who know her, is a fixture of Kalhoun County. But is she more than just a venerable town elder?

The strange, sometimes sinister events that gather around her are just coincidences, aren’t they?

Jemma finds herself caught in the orbit of the strange gravity of this woman. Soon, she’ll get more answers than she could ever want…

Title: No One Dies Alone
Series: Dark Angel Merchant Marines Book 3
Release Date: 04/30/2022

The Angelos Dominion is done playing coy.

Their Red Crow lackeys are pulling out all the stops and things are getting dicey. Lombe, Daira, and Jozzun are going to have to figure things out—even if they have to break a few dynasties to do it.

There will be chaos, gunplay, killer robots, and…podding?

Don’t ask. Seriously, just don’t.

Trouble is as trouble does…

For a band of rascals who like to dance on both sides of the law, the crew of the Atlanta sure keep finding themselves playing hero.

But will pluck and ragtag resourcefulness be enough to save the day this time?

Can ingenuity and a give ‘em hell attitude be enough to stop a trading empire in its tracks?

Soul Bottles Banner

Professor Derrick Watson was hoping for an open and shut case when he drove out to the boonies. What he found was the beginning of a wild ride to track down dangerous magic. Check out this sneak peek from Soul Bottles, Demon Codex Book 1.


Jemma and Tad moved to the woods to get away from it all and start fresh. Nothing takes your mind off the past like a new mystery. Check out the new series releasing on Friday with this sneak peek of The Last Witch of Kalhoun Holler.