I love weeks like this week. We have a new series launch, a week of free books, and a bunch of series continuing this week. That makes for an absolutely great week.

This week we kick off five days of free books! We have information on that below!​​

I also have 6 marvelous books launching this week, and the first two books are already available this week. That’s a great way to kick off the week. 

This Week’s New Releases

Title: The Diviner
Series: The Blessing Giver Book 3
Release Date: 09/11/2023

Her friends believe her a traitor.

She believes him a monster.

After Reiman’s death, Bella slips into a vipers pit by joining Gerrish and the Heralds, a group that serves the Dark Sister.

Her goal isn’t initiation. Bella has trained her whole life to bring down The Heralds and save the magic of Ariathne that binds their realm as prophecy foretold.

But Gerrish has a secret. Though he isn’t of the bloodlines, he holds dark power from the Goddess and can sense when Bella draws from the magic. As Bella dives deeper into her deception, Gerrish pulls her into his inner circle exactly as she hoped.

The only problem? Gerrish isn’t the monster she imagined him to be. As Bella’s heart softens toward him, she may not be capable of doing what she knows she must.

Kill Gerrish and save the magic.

Bella is no stranger to death. But can she take the life of the man she’s beginning to love?

With thrilling twists and heart-stopping revelations, The Diviner will leave readers breathless until the very last page. If you love Throne of Glass, Defy the Night, or the Grishaverse, you’ll adore this third installment in The Blessing Giver series.

This They will defend e-book coverTitle: This They Will Defend
Series: The Warrior 2 Book 1
Release Date: 09/11/2023

Idina Moorfield and Bravo Team are back for another mission. Illegal arms are moving through the Ural mountains.

But things with Hellion have changed a little since Idina’s team saved the world from monsters running the show for good, and someone else’s secrets are getting in the way this time.

Will Emily Trigger let her past interfere with getting the job done?
A dangerous blow hurts the Hellion team more than ever, and Emily is temporarily reassigned to the Prodigal Suns.

Her second chance.

A newly emerging danger is being kept secret, even from Bravo Team.

An old evil has found a way to crawl out of his prison deep under the ground. The living skeleton of Heka, the ancient god of magic, now walks the earth again, looking to regain his throne.

Will a new Warrior rise to the challenge?

Can Emily set aside the secret she’s been carrying long enough to help her new team defeat this powerful enemy?

Emily’s twin brother is missing and presumed dead, but Emily doesn’t believe that’s the end of the story. Can she hold out long enough to discover the truth?

Defeating Heka and his legion of mystical beasts will take everything the Prodigal Suns has got and maybe even a little help from some familiar faces.

Cheer on the Prodigal Suns and find out what’s next for Emily and Idina on the next big adventure in This They Will Defend.

Title: Flying Objects 
Series: The Psychic Guardian Book 3
Release Date: 09/12/2023

A telekinetic murder witness leads Jacob Daniels into the world of designer drugs, professional killers, and Special Forces operatives.

Daniels meets the woman of his nightmares after she witnesses a murder. Trish Carrington used her telekinesis to neutralize the gunman and escape before she was murdered alongside the creator of the designer drug he was hired to acquire.

Now she’s being pursued, and Daniels is the only one who can save her.

Someone wants to capitalize on the drug’s popularity before it can be declared a controlled substance, meaning all witnesses to its existence must be silenced.


The murder scene has been scrubbed, but Daniels finds what’s left of the body. All that remains is to find the people responsible for the murder Trish witnessed.

His search leads to a hostage situation where the recipe is the payoff. But people with special skills on both sides of the negotiations cause mayhem to ensue.

Can Daniels survive in a world where violence knows no limits? Or is death waiting for him beneath the streetlights?

Title: TOPGUN: Vacuum
Series: Brutal Response Book 7
Release Date: 09/13/2023

Amidst the swirling storm of danger, Mia remains unwavering.

Betrayals, assassins, and extraterrestrial threats have forged Mia Verick into a fearless warrior, no stranger to perilous odds.

Her father’s legacy of unyielding strength propels her forward, propelling her on a relentless quest to expose the sinister depths of the Publius Draconis Protocol’s infiltration into the KCAP.

With stakes higher than ever, can Mia and her crew navigate a web of shadowy alliances and hidden agendas by infiltrating both the lowest of the low and the highest of the high?

Does the unraveling conspiracy point to goals beyond even Mia’s wildest imagination?

As the puzzle pieces start falling into place, will the truth Mia seeks shake the very foundations of the universe?

Can she survive the onslaught of those who would kill to keep their secrets safe?

With her crew’s loyalty tested to the brink, will Mia emerge victorious, or will the dark forces prevail?

Title: Dragoneye
Series: Secret Agent Witch Book 5
Release Date: 09/14/2023

One enemy down. But his underlings have vowed revenge. Can Aisling Keane and her mechanical dragon partner, Shimmer survive what is to come?

Her primary enemy is no more, but the victory came with a brutal cost.

The loss of the Dragonfly base and all its resources.

A moment of silence for the people who didn’t make it out of the attack alive. Then, revenge.

The enemy has Aisling in their sights. Jameson Hart, ex-SIS agent turned independent troublemaker, is helping them on behalf of his new boss, Kali.

Even justice for teammates has to take a sudden back seat to a new threat that specifically targets magicals.

The DragonEye.

Aisling’s challenges have never been so dire. Her organization is reeling, unable to provide the level of support it normally does. She’s not out in the cold, but it’s getting chillier by the moment.

Will she have what it takes to endure and rise above? It’s a greater challenge than she’s ever faced.

She always wanted to be a secret agent. But you know what they say — watch what you wish for, because you just might get it, and it will fire back.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts,

mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Aisling Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Intellectus: Origins Discovered
Series: Chronicles of an Urban Elemental Book 5
Release Date: 09/15/2023

Watch out Montreal, things are heating up.

As we settle into our role as Guild Enforcers and the Quebec Quint, my siblings and I find our rhythm. Our training is paying off, our circle of allies is growing, and the chaos of being thrown into the deep end of the lava pool eases off.

Things are better on the boyfriend front too—Hi, my name is Jules, and I’m dating a demon.

Of all the things I never thought I’d hear myself say, that tops the list. Gareth isn’t just any demon, though, he’s one of the Poreskoro Six—the enemy—the elemental demon hybrids with the ability to consume our power.

Every relationship has its challenges, right?

In a city with souring fae magic, out-of-control empowered, and homicidal in-laws, we struggle to hold our own and keep the balance.

It’s a good thing the Gagnes are at their best when things are worst.

The Quebec Quint brings you more elemental adventure in book five of the Chronicles of an Urban Elemental series, Intellectus: Origins Discovered.

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