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Week in Review November 14 – 20, 2021

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Say the right words in just the right way, and step through a mirror into Mana Valley. A pocket dimension hidden on Oriceran. Are you in need of high tech wands, Shifter apps, services for the dark internet or other magical technology? Well, take a chance and enter. All that and more can be found here. Could there be a competitor on the horizon?

Fran Jackson is a clever witch with big dreams of being a magi-tech entrepreneur and the know how to make things happen. But a dark past buried in her family’s legacy may get in the way. Magical monsters have begun crossing through the mirrors and attacking Fran’s employees. Something dark is stirring under Mana Valley and what it wants could transform the world in terrible ways.

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How can Raven and Leander stop a war with a distant kingdom? First try to make nice. When that fails, bring along your fire-breathing dragon. Raven is still serving in her kingdom’s special forces. Her latest mission is a special request to restore peace and return the prisoners of Malenspire.

The island kingdom is far away and Raven has time to think about telling the king she was responsible for his son’s death. Will the journey end in a dangerous battle? Or does the king have a surprise request for Raven that could change the course of her life? Raven will turn to her trusted dragon and ask Leander to stand by her side as she makes up her mind. Do what the king asks to end the wars or march on into battle.

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Not all monsters come from the stars. For Angelina, it was a clear-cut case of her or her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Terry has seen her very human response to the situation Angelina, Charley and he dealt with in San Antonio. Except this time, there is no one to help her deal with the emotions but an alien from another system and a guy from the south. In short, her two friends.

When Angelina finds another ‘ticket' into trouble – Will she have the guys help this time or deal with it herself? Perhaps Terry will find out just how much humans can manipulate their bodies to match his capabilities on their own. Unknown to many powerful people in the world – this new enemy is willing to kill anyone to push humanity to the next level. Some sacrifices must be made.

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clawing for victory e-book coverClawing For Victory:

A massive black disk floats over Antarctica, annihilating all matter that touches it. And it’s growing. The battle lines have been drawn. The stage for the final showdown has been set. All that remains is for Boneclaw to wipe out the few beings who’ve ever had the temerity and might to stand against him, and total victory will be his.

Galen knows the odds of winning this fight are so long it’s insane to keep struggling, but it’s never been in his nature to give up. Especially not now, when he has so many friends whose lives are on the line. He picks up his dragon-claw sword for one final battle. This time, the stakes are everything. If he can’t defeat Boneclaw and destroy the disk, then the Void will consume the Earth and everything on it.

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Scales of Justice e-book coverScales of Justice:

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen Hall understands, but just wants to do her job. The surge in street gang activity threatens the stability of Detroit. Kristen and her colleagues must face the possibility of incurring losses to succeed in putting the gangs out of business. However, there is still no trace of the mysterious string-puller Mister Black, and a mercenary team is after Kristen.

Kristen seeks advice and training from an experienced dragon. Her colleagues are thrilled by her newfound abilities, but they have no understanding of what it means to be a dragon with a human mindset. Her habit of rushing ahead without thinking endangers the entire team. A new colleague joins the unit. His blatant disgust for the dragons' scheming causes a rift between Kristen and her team.

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in the shadow of Ziammotienth e-book coverIn the Shadow of Ziammotienth:

A young female thief is working to help her crew stay alive in Waypoint, a city that exists on the precipice of humanity to one side and in the shadows of Ziammotienth on the other. Also called Tolan’s Doom, the mountain torn asunder by a dragon—if you believe in myths.

Many an adventurer calls Waypoint the only bastion of civilization before returning to the remains of the once-great half-elven city’s remains from which to strike into the darkness underground. Most do not return. Kaylin has no intention of heading to the mountain’s grip. But will she be able to evade its grasp? Is Ziammotienth just a story of legends and minstrels or much more? Commerce, adventure, and intrigue swirl around the young thief as she fights her way into a far larger world than she had expected to experience.

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Few know that most historical events in the last several centuries were orchestrated by this innocuous feline. Plato isn’t an ordinary cat. He’s a magical lynx with extraordinary powers.

When a series of dangerous activities break out in a small city in Mexico, is it by design that the magical creature is present? Is Plato really coordinating everything? Plato isn’t the only one staying in this Mexican city or at the boutique hotel. Other magical creatures are working to stop the bad guys. That’s what Beaufonts and their sidekicks do. 

Can Plato, a dragon, and a talking squirrel save this coastal city?

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Santana’s unasked for downtime leads to her reconnecting with Terra and being pulled into a case that has the ASJ’s head spinning. The inner city is a jungle in its own right.

A murder victim, an animal that has been extinct for 30,000 years, and a bio-engineering team who are using the animal to attack their enemies. Santana pairs with Terra Kris to solve the case and uncovers a trail that goes much deeper than anyone anticipated.

Will Santana bring the criminals to justice without compromising herself?
The law is only a suggestion, right?

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Dig into this stack of new books here: Week in Review


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