If your to-be-read pile of new releases is low, this week should top them off for you. And like the last two weeks, we have another new series for you to enjoy as well as plenty of new releases in existing series. There’s something for everyone this week!

This week contains the fifth new series we’ve launched. If you’ve read the previous ones, which ones are you enjoying the most?​​

I have 7 amazing books launching this week and the first of them is ready to be read. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Crimen Conflict
Series: The Origin Story of Monsters Book 6
Release Date: 06/12//2023

The truth behind the creation of the mother of all monsters has to come out at some point. It always does. The only question is whether or not you survive it.

Halsey Ambrosius just didn’t think it would be revealed to the other elemental clans before she could tell Brigham.

She might be the Alpha Hunter, but she has no idea what that means, other than fighting crazy powerful monsters that are new on the scene.

Who does have the intel on this new beast? So far, Halsey is coming up dry.

How do you fight and defeat a creature that no one has faced before? What exactly is a Crimen?

It’s time for Halsey to return home and tell the truth to Brigham and her cousins. Together, they might be able to figure out what they’re facing and how to defeat it.

Can Halsey and her cousins discover enough about the Crimen that are coming for them? Will Halsey figure out what’s going on with Halil and the Order of Skrár? And why do the grindylows keep following her?

Quest e-book coverTitle: Quest
Series: The Elementalist Book 1
Release Date: 06/13/2023

Every lock has a key, every riddle an answer.

Jack’s always been about finding the answer, the key, to everything, but his riddles and locks were always larger than the people in his life suspected.

What holds everything together? How could the ancients’ understanding of the elements connect to our modern understanding?

If Jack understood that, would it mean he could control them?

But answers come with consequences, and knowledge always has a price.

Jack’s thirst for knowledge and his will to succeed no matter the danger leads him to discover that truth. When he makes his greatest revelation, his lab is burned to the ground and he finds himself at the sharp end of a very dangerous situation.

With the presumption he is no longer among the living giving him some breathing room, Jack must do the only thing he knows how. He must search for the answers.

What will finding those answers cost him? How far is he willing to go to get them?

Title: TOPGUN: Darkness
Series: Brutal Response Book 5
Release Date: 06/14/2023

Mia has been on the run before, but being named a traitor to her own species means the heat is turned up to max.

The struggle to keep her ship among the stars and her fighters loaded when even the criminal class won’t work with her becomes her main focus.

When all else fails, Mia’s only choice is to pivot and get creative.

Space has never been so dangerous…

The shootouts and dogfights awaiting Mia are par for the course, but the outlaw flight captain has her work cut out for her on other fronts.

It’s not just her own people she’s got to worry about. A sinister alien force known as the Bleakers are making their move. Add in a horde of bounty-hungry mercs and complications in her crew’s dynamic, and she’s got one sticky situation to navigate.

As always, the way out for Mia is through.

Can she claw her way out of this mess? Or is everything she’s fought for about to blow up in her face?

Title: The Bends
Series: Messing Psychic Academy Book 7
Release Date: 06/14/2023

The deeper the dive, the slower to rise.

After last year, Mercury section should be on rock solid ground together. We’re not. This time, it’s not Mateo’s fault.

It’s mine.

Pledging with Feles was the only way to stop him from wreaking fatal havoc in the name of blind vengeance. My friends fear me now, and I don’t blame them.

I’m the only one who knows Feles had a good reason.

We unwittingly sent him to a hellscape a year ago. He’s only a kitten. Also a prickly, sour, pessimist who argues constantly with my other pledges. Decompressing Feles from his past burdens might just be impossible. That hasn’t stopped me before.

But how do I save the cat slowly enough to avoid giving us both a case of the bends?

Title: Never Say Never to a Dragon
Series: Secret Agent Witch Book 2
Release Date: 06/15/2023

Can Aisling Keane and her mechanical Dragon partner, Shimmer survive her promotion to field agent?

It’s what she’s wanted since joining Dragonfly. The chance to show her skills in the field. She didn’t realize it would involve leaping out of a perfectly good airplane, masquerading as a model for a catering company, or taking part in an all-out assault on a defended position.

All those spy movies she watched as a kid did nothing to prepare her for reality.

A criminal organization has hit Dragonfly’s radar, engaged in terrorism around the world. But how big can they be? The newest agent is on the team to take them down. But, like everything in the world of espionage, what lies just beneath the surface can get you killed.

Dragonfly has a new foe, and Aisling will earn a new enemy.

The turncoat agent, Jamison Hart is working behind the scenes. While Aisling hunts the traitor, unbeknownst to her, he’s hunting her as well.

Aisling will have to rely on her support team for support in order to succeed. Even then, success can come at a steep price.

She’ll need to increase her power, increase her skills, and think fast in order to handle all the chaos that’s coming at her.

The investigator-turned-agent wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Aisling Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Sophie Briggs and the Raging Serpent
Series: The School of Roots and Vines
Release Date: 06/16/2023

The last semester of classes for Sophie Briggs at The School of Roots and Vines is racing to the end. A confrontation and battle with the Serpent, Azdaja, is fast approaching.

The legendary Thicket Hall is dying and no matter what the Defenders do, they can only slow the ancient tree’s death, not stop it.

Could its end lead to a new beginning?

If the Defenders can defeat the Serpent. Then death can lead to new life.

Graduation, a wedding, a death, a rebirth, and an even bigger surprise await Sophie, Marcus, and the Defenders.

Will they be able to put an end to Azdaja for good and use their powers to replant Thicket Hall in time for the next students? Will the School of Roots and Vines survive?

Title: The Titan’s Release
Series: Heinous Crimes Unit Book 8
Release Date: 06/17/2023

In the gripping serial killer thriller, “The Titan’s Release,” best-selling author Daniel Scott delves into the twisted depths of the criminal mind, as the lives of society’s elite hang in the balance.

When a merciless serial killer known as the Poet begins to target the families of prominent politicians, the FBI finds itself in a desperate race against time.

Their only hope lies with Christian Windsor, a disgraced genius and former agent, reluctantly released from prison to lend his expertise to the investigation.

Paired with the dedicated but wary Agent Patrick Collins, the duo sets out to unravel the Poet’s deadly web.

As they close in on the killer, the stakes become personal.

Collins is injured, and Windsor is captured by the sinister Poet.

Out of options and with time running out, the FBI turns to the mind of a psychopath, enlisting the help of the brilliant but dangerous Luke Titan.

In “The Titan’s Release,” Daniel Scott masterfully weaves a dark and unsettling tale that will keep adult thriller enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Readers will be drawn into the chilling pursuit of the Poet and wonder if Patrick Collins can harness the terrifying genius of Luke Titan to save his partner and stop the killer before it’s too late.

Prepare for a heart-stopping journey into the darkest corners of humanity, where nothing is certain, and fear reigns supreme.

Get it now.

Jack is cooking up something new, or maybe it’s something old, but trouble is not far behind. Get a sneak peek at The Elementalist!