It’s the third day of a three-day weekend and we hope you’re enjoying the time off – if you have the day off. If you’re working, we hope you’re having a good day at work too. September is off to a fast start and you know what that means. Soon it will be fall and pumpkin spice lattes followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The year is going to wrap up faster than we realize.

Next week we have our Back to School Free Book week. Keep an eye out for our emails to learn about the five free books. 

I have 5 marvelous books launching this week and the first is already available. That’s pretty sweet for a holiday Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Warrior Pixies
Series: Pixie Rebels Book 8
Release Date: 09/03/2023

Z Thornbrook and her pixie cousins are all dressed up with somewhere to go. Major Winters is taking them to meet his bosses and the people who sign off on whether the OIP gets to stay or if they’re all out of a job.

They will need to be on their best behavior if they don’t want to get shipped back to Oriceran.

Easier said than done.

Especially when the pixies realize General Lark is the same Lark who’s papers they stole from the bank and is on a list of partners for Arbitum.

That can’t be good. Not good at all. Does Winters know?

The pixies try to be cool, but it’s hard for them to be on their best behavior.

They’re on pixie behavior – PANIC MODE ACTIVATED – until they get out of there and get back to base.

Time for the pixies and their squad to form a plan and put an end to Arbitum for good.

Will they be able to do it before Arbitum and a Dark Wizard carry out their nefarious plans?

Title: Triumph
Series: The Elementalist Book 3
Release Date: 09/05/2023

Every hero has a calling, every purpose a mission.

Jack Williams returns, not just fleeing from danger, but driven by a cause larger than himself.

In a world where wielding the elemental forces is both a blessing and a bane, Jack becomes a beacon, a symbol of hope for the Elemental community.

Persistently pursued by the unyielding SPP and other shadowy organizations, Jack and his companions are constantly engaged in the thrilling game of cat and mouse, staying a step ahead of their adversaries.

But danger is an ever-present companion, and the Elementals are ready to switch from prey to predator.

Embarking on an audacious mission, Jack aims to unite the dispersed Elementals and craft a masterstroke against the powerful entities determined to subdue them.

But the odds are daunting. Can Jack galvanize the elemental forces and spearhead their march towards victory, or will their rebellion be snuffed out before it even sparks to life?

With new allies entering the fray, shocking betrayals, and heart-pounding action, this gripping urban fantasy will keep you riveted as Jack Williams battles for the destiny of all Elementals.

Title: Zero Sum
Series: The Dread Nought Book 4
Release Date: 09/06/2023

Illuminati. Skull and Bones. Freemasons. Bah. Mere Shadows of the Eldest Conspiracy Cassie and Remy have Awakened.

Cassie and Remy had thought a nice jungle fortress might offer a little privacy.

A Mach Five hypersonic cruise missile destroys that happy illusion. Time to remember an important safety tip:

The best defense is a good offense.

In theory they have the knowledge to defeat their enemies.

Now they need the leverage.

Too late. Hints and glimmers appear of a conspiracy deeper, darker, and more powerful than any they yet have known. A conspiracy that has waited for ages for someone like them.

They cannot prevail.

One option remains:

Can they build an even greater conspiracy of their own strong enough to challenge the true enemy?

Title: Appointed
Series: Para-Military Recruiter Book 11
Release Date: 09/07/2023

Julie got the answers about the lineage she was searching for. Now she must live up to her rediscovered family name.

Resisting her mom’s ideas for the “perfect” wedding while finding her place outside OPMA is going to take every ounce of willpower she can muster.

Nimue’s capture should have poured cold water on the rebellion. Shouldbeing the operative word. But Nimue’s supporters aren’t done causing trouble…

It’s a good thing Julie has glutes of steel to go with her shiny spine.

Queen Esmerelda appointing Julie to the Eternal Council makes the prospect of a quiet night of wedding planning with her petrichor prince look like a distant dream.

Before Julie can get herself on solid ground as the Lunar Fae councilor, a diplomatic opportunity takes her and Taylor to the edge of Avalon in the hopes of avoiding all-out war.

Are the Drow the bloodthirsty menaces their previous encounters have led Julie to believe? Or is there a more sinister explanation for their apparent enmity?

Only one thing is certain. Julie must succeed in navigating the political waters or she’ll be run aground far from home.

Title: Gods of War
Series: Daywalker Chronicles Book 6
Release Date: 09/08/2023

Ancient warriors are attacking our world…

I never thought I’d be face-to-face with Achilles…

There’s just one problem…

These warriors were brought here just moments before they died.

If we don’t send them back, it could change the timeline, and alter reality as we know it.

Which also means I can’t kill them.


Too late for that.

How can I fix my mistake?

The gods of war are dead-set on destruction.

Nothing is the same… not even the underworld…

But if I don’t set things right, how long before I vanish from existence?

Get your copy to find out if Sienna defeats the gods, and fixes the world, before everything and everyone she knows is gone forever.

The Warrior returns next week. Old friends, new friends, and a new enemy await you in the sequel to The Warrior!