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Week in Review January 9 – 15, 2022

A Ton of New Books Here: Week in Review

Magic Source e-book coverMagic Source:

What does a young witch do when someone dangerous is after her, but their identity remains hidden? Fran Berryman strikes back and calls on her newly found powers. Super-sized. What are the Evermores up against? It’s nothing good…

The Darkness Between Dreams is trying to track down the stolen book containing the prophecy of Tess. What will the Darkness do when he discovers the prophecy points straight at Fran? Everything Fran has built could come tumbling down – especially since there’s a traitor in their midst… Can Fran and her new company keep creating and testing new prototypes, seeking out investors, and keeping the Source contained – while fighting off attacks from the Darkness Between Dreams? Will they be able to achieve their dreams of Mana Wave?

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TITAN'S BLOODSHEDTitan's Bloodshed:

Three men want one empire…but only one can have it.

Prometheus returned to his solar system, and de Finita’s forces prepare to defend what’s theirs. The AllSeer’s return threatens to conquer both militaries in one genius move. He’ll obliterate Mars and force Prometheus to make an impossible choice: Save his friend or save his insurrection.

Will de Finita bend the knee or watch billions burn alive beneath the AllSeer’s magnificent power? Will Prometheus let his friend die? Or will he abandon everything that what he’s built and risk his own life for someone he once loved? The AllSeer holds all the cards. Can he be stopped?

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Above the Storm e-book coverAbove the Storm:

Raven Alby and the STAR force have an important decision to make. Will they help the citizens of Malendesh and their king prevent a military overthrow? Or will they return home and prepare for war It’s an easy choice. Raven and the red dragon, Leander run toward a fight – not away. They stand with Malendesh.

And if they can free the magically enslaved sea serpents filling the waters around the island, even better. Will the alliance between Lomberdoon and Malenspire be strengthened once more? Or will something go wrong? And with magic returning to stay, how many more creatures will discover abilities they never had before, like Leander?

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No backing Down e-book coverNo Backing Down:

Ty should have expected Atlantica would get this crowded. Where once there was a verdant field of possibilities, the forgotten isle is swarming with rivals who have sprung up like weeds for the Executioners to cut down. Executioners facing impossible odds for survival is a normal Tuesday. Now it’s common folks whose lives are on the line.

Ty got into this game to look out for the little guy. It’s one thing dealing with thugs and bored debutantes, but the island is attracting professionals like corpses draw vultures. So he’ll have to harden his nerve and put on his big boy pants. Against his better judgment, he must join the fray and work alongside some of those vultures. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right?

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Mediate my dragons flame e-book coverMediate My Dragon's Flame:

Who can turn an enemy into an ally? Sophia Beaufont hopes that she can. She just has to track down the steampunk cyborg. The problem is, Trin Currante thinks the Dragon Elite want her dead. And she’s excellent at avoiding death—as her history to survive and prevail over adversity has proven.

Meanwhile, Hiker still struggles to hone his powers…Regardless of his strength, Ainsley doesn’t show signs of softening toward the leader of the Dragon Elite. If anything, he should fear the housekeeper might poison his next meal. While dragon eggs continue to hatch, magicians are going missing worldwide. The House of Fourteen is losing credibility with governments. Chaos is spreading around the planet. And Sophia suspects that the Saverus Corporation is behind everything. Can she uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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Never cage a dragon e-book coverNever Cage a Dragon:

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen Hall is fighting to be heard. A new case for the Dragon SWAT: another dragon has been murdered.

Kristen’s superior doesn't want to hear about her theories. She is ordered to follow standard investigative procedures while dragons get away with ravaging villages, claiming lives in the process. The uproar would be unimaginable if her theories became public knowledge. However, Kristen has another problem. It emerges that she was on the scene of all the murder cases, sometimes alone. The DNA evidence points to a certain young policewoman and she becomes a target for dragon justice. Will the steel dragon have enough faith in the Dragon Council's legal system after witnessing how easily dragons evade true justice?

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What happens when an Academy dropout joins a mercenary company? Catastrophe! Anarchy! Moral Disintegration!  In short you have quite the mess. But for Kaylin, that is just another day in the life as she and her crew fight and plunder under the shadows of Ziammotienth. The young wizard has found a place among the rough and tumble sell-swords and adventurers. But deep down, she fears the secrets within and beneath are calling her deeper than she imagined. But before she can even dream of plunging back in there are debts to be paid, alliances to be forged, and secrets to be rooted out. And that doesn't even cover the fact Kaylin still has much to learn. But pressure makes diamonds, and the beating hammer brings forth shining steel. Can Kaylin survive the process?When monsters abound, from the shrieking harpy to the slithering basilisk, nothing is for certain except the barbaric peoples of Ziammotienth have something to say.

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