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Week in Review April 3 – 10, 2021




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Cluster Dwarf:

Johnny Walker used to live a quiet life in the Florida swamps with his two hound dogs by his side. Life has changed… a lot. It’s a full house with teenage Amanda home for winter break and four confused cyborgs living with him. Johnny needs an escape. Time to go hunt some monsters. He’ll even need the help of the cyborgs for this one. Weapons are being smuggled that can make things go boom across a city block. Definitely NOT something they want the bad guys to get their hands on. But the monsters are getting cocky and want to take on Dwarf the Bounty Hunter. Johnny has seen their kind before and he has a few new assets of his own. An Elven partner with a gun, four disobedient cyborgs and two coonhounds that talk back. These weapons smugglers have no idea what’s coming. Just the way Johnny likes it.


Hope But First War:

You cannot murder a person who never existed. The story continues with, Hope But First War, book five in the Heretic of the Federation series, where the fights explode on Earth and for Dreth. When the beast doesn’t get his way, that which remained hidden becomes needed. Perhaps a bit early. The Regime hasn’t fought the Witch and her teams and she is coming back mad as hell. Perhaps quality can beat an over-abundance of quantity? The best laid plans of both sides get crushed when one of them doesn’t play fair at all. It’s time for Todd’s team to get up and get personal on Earth and may the best group of Hooligan’s win.


Showdown in Magic City:

The bad guys are on the hunt, and Ruby Achera is their next target. The criminals in Magic City have realized Ruby, Morrigan, and Idryll aren’t giving up. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Sloane is pulling out all the stops to take them out. Corrupt security companies gathering magical weaponry? Check. Deadly assassin adding a Rhazdon artifact to the arsenal? Check. Layers upon layers of traps and deceptions? Check. Ruby’s friends and family are in greater danger than ever. She’s going to need some serious help. Calling all Federal Agents of Magic. Ruby’s enemies are playing for keeps. Can Ruby do the same? Throw the dice, Magic City, it’s time to see if this gamble pays off.


Southwest Truths:

Sometimes the only way out of trouble is blowing up everything and everyone around you. When a mysterious enemy starts assassinating sorcerers, Lyssa ends up as their next target. Corruption stalks the Illuminated Society, and she’s unsure who among her so-called allies is plotting against her. It doesn’t help that as a woman who makes her living taking down dangerous criminals and terrorists, she’s built up a huge list of dirtbags who would gladly pay to see her dead.  Lyssa isn’t ready to stop until the scum conspiring against her are destroyed. Blood and bullets will spill from Arizona to the Indian Ocean. It’s time for the Semiautomatic Sorceress to put her life and soul on the line.



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