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 These are the kind of stories that get passed on and on, in this Week in Review for October 11th- October 17th, 2020


These are not your average fairy tales, and they can be found here :

 Week in Review


Warmage: Dragon Rider:

Raven and Leander have discovered the source of all magic and it’s changing the dragons of Lomberdoon. Not even William Moss knows how to train magical dragons. Can he trust that Raven will know what to do?


Warrior Magic:

Leira Berens is going to the ball with her kind of Prince Charming. Tall, blonde and Light Elf. Only this grand shindig is being thrown by the Dark Families. Old artifacts have been offered up to raise money for a new charity Be careful because these party favors could be deadly.


The Troll Solution:

Being a new goddess isn’t just fun and games. It’s hard work.  And it’s a lot harder when everyone is trying to use you as a pawn in a cosmic chess game. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But what if that’s what Fenris wants?


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