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Week in Review January 31- February 6, 2021


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Broken Vow:

When life rushes at you from all sides, you widen your stance to keep from getting toppled over—you brace yourself. But no matter how well you prepare, some things you just don’t see coming. Assuming my role as the druid representative for the Lakeshore Guild of Empowered Ones is both an honor and a curse. It puts me in a position to make important changes in a flawed system but also puts me in the crosshairs of a lot of powerful people. Demons, tricksters, and wizards I can handle, but when my worlds collide and the police get involved, I’m afraid for not only me but the men in my family. Don’t mess with my family. Fiona continues her quest to fight the fight in the fifth installment of the Chronicles of the Urban Druid. Don’t miss a moment of this rollicking ride.


A Magical Alliance:

Magic City is full of hustlers, con men and magicals just out for a good time. The perfect mix of glamour and gangsters. But underneath it all, a con man is scheming to pull it all apart. Can Ruby and her weretiger, Idryll find a way to save her hometown before time runs out? Or will her quest lead her to her own unforeseen destiny? A lost heritage that can unlock an oracle’s mystery. New challenges can also bring new allies. A Drow trader with an eclectic set of resources offers to help. A favor to be returned later. A purple-haired troll who offers to teach her to fly or the hooded archer whose help Ruby can’t decline. Are they really friends or foes?


Deserts of Naroosh:

“Go to the desert? No thanks. I’ve got plenty of good wholesome ways to die right here. Plus, the sand, it just gets everywhere.”

       ~Big Phil as he tucked into his fourth slice of apple pie.

The Blue Dagger Society saved the city of Tristholm from Vitaria’s minions and defeated the evil under the mountain. If conquering the Goddess’ creations was enough to keep the people Tristholm and Promethia safe, Tim might have gone back to blacksmithing before starting their next adventure, but he knew the truth. Keeping the Etheric Coast free of Vitaria’s influence was going to take more aggressive measures than pounding a hammer into some steel. It was time to throw down with a Goddess.


Crucible of Truth:

He was the one survivor on a tiny moon on the outer frontier. An undying thirst for vengeance set him on a course to succeed or die trying. She was a corp princess with a passion to serve others in law. Now, she is Lady Justice, her indomitable will released to hunt down those who flaunt all she holds dear. From the farthest points in the UTC, two humans dared to believe they might protect humanity for different reasons. Together, they take their war to the highest levels in the Confederation. Not everyone desires change. He will have vengeance, no matter the cost. She will dig for the truth, no matter how risky it is to reveal.


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