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Week in Review February 21-27, 2021




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Magic in The Marsh:

Amanda Coulier is a teen shifter settling into boarding school with a bounty hunter for a guardian. Second semester has started and what better way to kick off the school year than using a bounty hunter’s borrowed gadgets to find the Everglades Kemana? Amanda’s searching for her talent, besides fur and fangs. Magic definitely isn’t it. What about plants? Better figure out magical flora before the thorny green one eats a student. But class isn’t the only thing on her mind…Best friend Summer’s acting weird. Jackson might be crushing on her. And a magical mob boss has an offer for her she can’t resist. Can Amanda juggle it all? If she learned anything from Johnny Walker, it was how to make it work with what you have. Will that be enough?


Leave The World Behind:

Cheyenne Summerlin is a Goth Drow with a lot of secrets. She just doesn’t know it yet. And they’re all starting to spill out. First, there are more haflings just like her. More magicals equals more problems. Then there’s her father. L’zar Vendys is a complicated Drow who makes enemies way too easily. And then there’s the truth her mother has been hiding from her. That little bomb may be the worst of all. Will Cheyenne be able to handle everything she learns? Will she be able to gain more control over her powers? Meanwhile a government agency is demanding all of her time. That doesn’t mean this Goth Drow is giving in to any of it any time soon. Cheyenne will write her own rules and then break them if she has to.


Decision Made:

It’s time. Who will win this latest challenge? A young woman who fears sleeping. An AI on the brink of discovery. A government agent seeking what’s hidden. Who will end up healed, hidden, or found? The final chapter closed. For now…


Battle Tested:

She is back, she is pissed, and she has people with her the likes the Regime has never faced. The problem? The Regime is considerably more capable than the Chancellor has acted. Dreth and Meligorn support each other, but the Regime is not stupid. Can the Regime keep the two alien navies separated? Back on Earth, John is being presented as the Apostle. Can he persuade enough of the existing groups to matter for Stephanie’s hopeful return to Earth? Or will the Regime capture him? All Amaratne can do is have John try. Jaleck’s best Admiral is asking for a leave of absence without discussing the why. Will his absence doom Dreth in the moment of need? Not if Stephanie has anything to add to the discussion.


Sword Diplomacy:

What is the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Ignorance can be solved if you live long enough. Zaena has been sent as an Elven emissary to learn and build a relationship with humanity. She's only two hundred and fifty years old, so time should be on her side. Except she gets involved in a brutal gang war in the first month of landing on the shores of the West Coast of the United States. San Francisco, to be exact. Zaena quickly learns that her knowledge of humanity is closer to the twentieth than the present day twenty-first century. So much for her teachers’ study of humanity's television shows. She's got attitude, magic, and a sacred armor pendant. What she doesn't have is a clue. She will survive her ignorance or die trying to build a bridge and save her people.



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