Did you have a good weekend? Do you have anything big on tap for this week? I know school is getting out soon-ish for a lot of the younger ones and even college students. If you have any children or grandchildren graduating, congratulations to them and you!

If you like reading, and I know you do, I have a treat for you. We have a sneak peek of a new series releasing at the end of this week. Check it out below.

I have 5 amazing books launching this week and one of those is out this morning! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Grindylow Ambush
Series: The Origin Story of Monsters Book 5
Release Date: 05/15/2023

Halsey and Brigham Ambrosius’ task in the English countryside isn’t quite over. The barghest may have been slain, but they have one task remaining.

Figure out what happened to the people in the abandoned village of Coningsby.

Frankly, the mission isn’t over until they clean up the barghest’s mess because we all know, Halsey always completes her missions.

It’s a good thing the copper orb can help heal the locals from what was a deadly monster poison. But how to do it covertly without letting civilians know who or what Haley is?

What else can the beautiful orb do?

Hopefully staying in the UK a little longer can help her get the answers.

Halsey has accepted an invitation from the handsome Seamus Havalon, and said goodbye for now to her cousin.

What she doesn’t tell Brigham is she’s meeting with a monk from the Order of Skrár. Will she get the answers she needs or end up in dangerous trouble?

Halsey needs confirmation that the Mother of Monsters is back and an explanation of the new magic she has barely begun to understand.

Will Halil Aydem provide the answers? Too bad Halsey may be walking into the a monstrous trap and a heaving swarm of grindylows.

Without her cousin watching her back, Halsey will have to pull some seriously dangerous stunts if she wants to survive to fight a monster another day.

Can she survive the ambush or at least walk away with all her parts?

Title: Dragon Defending
Series: Dragon Apparent Book 7
Release Date: 05/16/2023

Failure sucks. It’s even worse when the whole world is watching.

Scarlet has been queen for less than a month and she’s already failed in her most important duty. The enemy of the world is on the loose, and he’s not planning on picking flowers and making cotton candy.

Human governments around the world want to know how so many dragons have been hiding right under their noses for all this time, adding to the pressure Scarlet is under. Almost eight billion people are watching her learn to navigate the politics that come with being queen.

Can she reassure them that dragons are here to defend humanity and not harm them?

The chance to prove her promises comes when the demon starts attacking locations at random, hurting humans and dragons alike.

Scarlet is expected to have the answers, but the demon is always one step ahead of her. Her determination to keep people safe gives her a lead. All she has to do is beat the demon to each target before more people die on her watch.

The only thing Scarlet knows for sure is that she can’t fail again. Plunging into magic-filled battles, her desperation fuels strategies that could save everyone, or doom them to disaster.

Will her efforts be enough to defeat the enemy? Will she learn that it’s okay to ask for help?

Title: Karma Police
Series: Messing Psychic Academy Book 6
Release Date: 05/17/2023

Agony is a pain in the butt.

Letting it stop me is out of the question. That’s why I worked with my medical team on a new treatment plan. Even with new magitech, pain is unavoidable. If I focus on hurt, I’ll only continue to suffer.

Good thing my schedule’s full.

Diving into a sea of tasks is fine, but I worry I’ve forgotten something critical. Fortunately, my brilliant girlfriend remembers it in time. A ravenous faerie cat we banished last year is due back from the Under at the end of the school year.

He’ll want revenge.

Even my college courses don’t have answers on how to stop him. The Goblin King, Monarch of Wood and Wild, just might. If we focus on his lesson, we’ll continue to grow. Too bad those always come at a cost.

Can I strike the right bargain to avert certain disaster?

Title: Dark Deed
Series: Incidental Inquisitors Book 6
Release Date: 05/18/2023

Some things refuse to stay buried, and no one in Quadras is ready for what comes next when they emerge.

Doughas and Vor have been working around the clock to make the city a safer place since Integration brought the humans searching for a fresh start.

There are still problems, from drug dealers to illegal enchanted items, but the duo’s relentless efforts alongside their fellow Inquisitors has been bearing fruit.

They might just be making a difference.

The Inquisitors take a breath and look forward to the possibility of wedding chimes in the near future.

But dig deep enough, and bad blood bubbles up.

Someone’s been picking at the dirt like an old scab, and it’s up to Doughas and Vor to hold the city together one more time. 

With dark secrets clawing their way up from within and dire signs coming from without, maybe it’s too much to ask that this will be the time their effort sticks.

As a certain stubborn old dwarf said, “If doin’ what’s right were easy, then e’er’body ‘d do it.”

The Spy who tamed a dragon e-book coverTitle: The Spy Who Tamed a Dragon
Series: Secret Agent Witch Book 1
Release Date: 05/19/2023

Aisling Keane is an Investigator with the secretive spy organization known as Dragonfly. Thrust unexpectedly into the field, she and her mechanical Dragon partner are surrounded by danger and intrigue.

Aisling thought she’d been hired to be a secret agent – then found that Dragonfly required new recruits, even skilled witches like her, to prove themselves.

One clue leads to the next, and she’s assigned to work with Lance Stone on a mission.

Small crimes herald larger ones, and the larger ones suggest a mysterious organization lurking in the shadows.

When an ally turns into an enemy, Dragonfly has to send a new agent into the field. The mission is simple: Infiltrate, discover and escape.

But in the secretive world of international crime, nothing is ever really simple. And simple never meant easy.

Fortunately, Aisling’s newest creation of technology and magic – a mechanical Dragon about the size of an eagle – has just been improved by her infomancer coworker and given a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Cait’s little sister will need all the help Shimmer can provide.

Despite the workload, she’ll still need to find time for family and her coven. A danger is on the horizon, and the coven’s guardian is worried. Will it get in the way of Aisling’s new job?

The investigator-turned-agent wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Aisling Keane on her new adventure!

The Agents of Dragonfly take the business of magic very seriously. What mysteries will Aisling solve while working in the field with American Agent Lance Stone?