Another week is upon us and I have a bunch of new releases AND a new series to share with you today! I hope you like sneak peeks because I have one of those to share with you for the series releasing on Tuesday! Check it out!

Did you have a good weekend? It looks like the weather is slowly warming up everywhere it is supposed to be warming up and it will soon be cooling down in other places. ​​What is your favorite thing about this time of year?

I have 6 fantastic books launching this week, and two of them were released this morning! That’s a great way to start the week, right?

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Sophie Briggs and the Bureau of Secrets
Series: The School of Roots and Vines Book 6
Release Date: o3/20/2023

Everything is changing. It’s the last semester of junior year for the Elemental, Sophie Briggs and her friends at The School of Roots and Vines.

But will it be for better or worse?

Classes take a priority for the teenagers but work and figuring out how to be a Defender is a close second.

Both Marcus and Sophie’s mysterious new tutor at the EBI have secrets to hide. Will Sophie harness a new curiosity in pursuit of the truth about them both?

Marcus is set to graduate at the end of the semester. The teen romance with Sophie may end too. Then there’s his spot with the Defenders. But before that happens, there’s still a mystery to figure out.

Will she and Marcus be able to figure out Caleb Justice’s secret before it’s too late?

Title: Shot Dead
Series: Incidental Inquisitors Book 5
Release Date: 03/20/2023

Quadras is no stranger to catastrophe, but the latest tragedy has the potential to spark an interspecies war.

The victims of the massacre that occurred in the Valley were human, and answers must be found before the riots start. The sensitive political situation means that the Inquisitors can’t leave this to the Vale Rangers.

Whoever handles this investigation doesn’t just need skill and grit but a keen grasp of public relations and supreme tact…

…so, what are Doughas and Vor doing in charge?

Perhaps it is a cruel joke. Comedy or not, the dead are demanding justice.

The lads have no choice but to race along the enchanted razor’s edge if they want to keep the city intact.

Along with their own skins.

New foes, old allies, and deep debts refuse to wait their turn, but no one said this was going to be easy.

Can Doughas and Vor capture the culprits before the city goes up in flames? Or will Quadras be the next victim of the killers? 

Paid in Blood e-book coverTitle: Paid in Blood
Series: Watchdogs of the Veil Book 1
Release Date: 03/21/2023

The government may have given up on Carlton Pierce, but UUE sees his potential.

As a man, Carlton is just another guy with a dark past and a suspiciously high value. As an agent for Unearth Undesirable Entities, he’s part of the hidden front line.

Carlton is recruited to use his skills in the fight to protect humanity from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Between a past he’d rather stayed hidden and the dangerous enemies he has to face, Carlton quickly learns that being a part of UUE comes with a heavy price.

Luckily, the secrets he keeps are the reason he can hack life on a knife’s edge. He’s a smart-mouth rebel willing to walk where angels dare to tread, and that second part is why UUE want him onboard.

Carlton is ready and willing to bring the pain right to the door of the things that go bump in the night.

That’s assuming he makes it through initiation… 

Title: Witch With A Battleplan
Series: Witch Warrior Book 11
Release Date: 03/22/2023

Safety becomes an illusion when the victory over the Dragons’ enemies turns to horror.

One of the children is missing, and they can only have gone one place: with the evil wizard and his shadow creatures. 

On Earth, things are heating up in Ireland and Boston.

On the Emerald Isle the wolves are fighting among themselves, but whoever wins, it’ll be bad for the Coven.

In Boston, Victor Huff is revealed as the man in the center of a criminal nexus. But his plans are larger than just ruling the underworld.

The Dragons face disloyalty from within. The Thorns face pressure from Huff. 

And then there’s the mysterious Victor Huff, a top-shelf criminal who has decided he needs to get involved in what’s going on around town. 

Can Cait and Aza keep a lid on the boiling chaos?

It’ll take friends, family, and colleagues to keep everything from crashing down. 

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure! 

Title: Children of the Immortals
Series: The Progeny Wars Book 6
Release Date: 03/23/2023

The End has come, and the Daughters of the Watchers are no more.

Forced out of their homes and faced with adversaries on every side, Angel and her friends are powerless to stem the looming cataclysm.

Old enemies have become new allies, but they may not all be trustworthy.

Meanwhile, Diablos’ endgame is finally unfolding.

He has gained more power over the world’s governments under the guise of bringing prosperity and world peace. However, an unforeseen ally may return with much-needed reinforcements to help Angel and her group.

This potential savior first needs to deal with a counterpart of Diablos in the world she’s stranded in and learn to control her substantial but unstable powers.

But the forces of evil aren’t waiting and the time of the opening of the last seal is rapidly approaching.

Diablos’ final goal remains a mystery and the vice of the Daimons’ world domination is closing around Angel.

Will the Children of Kyrios be able to unravel Diablos’ scheme before all reality is undone? Or will the Lord of the Daimons deceive and scheme his way to ultimate victory?

Title: Falling Angels
Series: Chooser of the Slain Book 8
Release Date: 03/24/2023

Val Kyrie and her team return, and a deadly ghost from the past threatens everything they hold dear.

Starting a black ops company is no walk in the park, and it doesn’t get any easier when a seemingly deceased assassin resurfaces with a deadly vendetta against Val and Jake.

Tasked with protecting a high-profile VIP, Val and her team face a lethal enemy who seems to be one step ahead at every turn.

Can Val and her team take care of their client while protecting themselves from a relentless foe?

More importantly, can they save Val’s brother, who was critically injured by the vengeful killer?

As if that weren’t enough, Val and her crew must juggle their increasingly dangerous missions while coping with the everyday challenges of running a successful company.

With a VIP’s life in their hands, an unstoppable assassin on their trail, and their family’s safety at risk, can the Valkyrie team rise to the occasion and prove they’re the best in the business?

Find out in the heart-pounding eighth installment of the Valkyrie series! You won’t want to miss this adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that’s fit for the gods.


Carlton is ready to start his new life. Say goodbye to a life of crime, lies, and deceit. He only has to get away with telling one little lie to the FBI.

Good luck with that…