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This Week’s New Releases

Title: A Witch’s Legacy
Series: Drakethorn Legal Book 1
Release Date: 04/15/2024

When you piss off the high and mighty some get righteously angry.

By day, Anastasia “Stacy” Drakethorn wields her Juris Doctorate as a blade of justice, carving through the corruption festering in the heart of the city. An attorney with a keen mind for the law and a fierce heart for the underdog, she’s determined to level the playing field against a system designed to favor the rich, the powerful, and the corrupt.

By night, there’s another side to the story.

In the shadowed alleys where legal arguments falter and the scales of justice are unbalanced, a whisper emerges of a vigilante who scares even those who walk in the shadows. When you piss her off, you might learn she can do more than just send you to jail.

Haunted by a legacy she tried to escape, Stacy is drawn into the dark world her family name commands. Her father is a force of nature with secrets of his own, and a past that’s catching up fast.

From the glossy heights of skyscrapers to the grit of the streets, when the system fails, will Stacy succumb to the dark side her heritage often demands?

The courtroom may set the stage, but in the alleys and night, justice has a new hero.

Set in the near future where AI has become integrated with society, A Witch’s Legacy is a gritty urban fantasy story that explores what happens when the justice system fails the city it serves.

Title: May Contain Sensitive Content
Series: Dungeon Core TV Book 4
Release Date: 04/16/2024

There’s no reason to trust a man who lies to you. Why trust an alien who does the same?

Luther and Team Cowboy are doing their best to put the tragedy of Antarctica behind them, still unsure about the intentions of the Voltaxians and the mysterious alien girl who keeps appearing before Luther.

An enemy of an enemy may be a friend, but what happens when the mutual enemy is defeated?

Team Cowboy’s only option is to get stronger and push ahead in preparation for the spring epic championships. With the WDEA desperate to minimize the political fallout of the Antarctica incident, Team Cowboy no longer is assured a place in the championships.

A man taken by surprise was a man not ready for a fight.

Luther and his friends have one chance to secure their place: by serving as a rescue party for a lower-ranked party. Team Cowboy is happy to sit back, help another party and bask in the respect that comes with being strong enough for a role.

A simple, weak starter dungeon was never supposed to be a problem, but soon, Luther is forced to weigh the value of human lives.

The net is tightening, and Luther’s freedom is at risk.

All the while, a magic-using hunter lurks in Seattle with an unusual target, off-duty dungeon explorers. The government and Voltaxians have their own reasons for minimizing the crime. Nobody is willing to confront the truth of how dangerous the hunter is, especially one who is interested in taking down the most famous dungeon-diving cowboy on Earth.

Title: Wings Inspired
Series: Weir Dragon Academy Book 5
Release Date: 04/17/2024

Imagination makes creativity. Anxiety, too.

One of our mentors is extremely ill. Some of the others say it’s natural to be concerned, but as dragons and magical shifters with extended lifespans, it’s none of our business.

Yes, my peers have more power than most. That’s exactly why we should help no matter what it takes. A handful of classmates agree. Petrichor calls us Team Science.

Then, a massive snowstorm traps us all inside the Tourmaline dormitory. That gives the team time and space to come up with a plan. Spying on adults doesn’t feel exactly right but seems like the only way forward.

Getting an idea is the easy part. Making it work without getting caught will take more than one small group. But can we all cooperate instead of just coexisting?

Stacy is a hard-hitting quick-thinking lawyer in the big city. Sharks in the courtroom aren’t the only monsters she will face. Find out more!