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This Week’s New Releases

Title: Retreat: Cupid
Series: Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 5
Release Date: 07/24/2023

Bakas absorbing Garrick’s powers threatens the survival of both the Unseelie Realm and the Court of Blossoms.

Chelby and her team must retrieve two sacred crosses that have been hidden in treacherous locations to counter his grab for power. Their infiltration of the Unseelie Realm is triumphant but becomes costly when their escape is thwarted by Bakas’ super-soldiers.

Shattered and injured, Chelby’s belief in her leadership is shaken. But they can’t afford to submit to defeat.

The second cross and the fate of their world hangs in the balance.

Fueled by their loss and a need for redemption, the team devise a daring plan to retrieve the second cross and unmask a potential traitor.

Just when victory is within reach, they are blindsided by an insidious betrayal and must fight to survive a relentless assault. The Court of Blossoms is crumbling, their allies have been captured or injured, and all hope seems lost.

But hope often glimmers brightest in the darkest moments.

An unexpected ally arrives, igniting resilience the team didn’t know they possessed.

Chelby’s fight is not over. It’s only just begun. With newfound resolve and rediscovered strength, the team prepares for the final battle.

Will they save their realm from Bakas? Can they stand and fight, no matter the cost to themselves?

Title: Rock Hard
Series: Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Book 5
Release Date: 07/25/2023

War’s hazards are merciless, especially its grim offspring—clandestine operations. But if any squad can endure such trials, it’s the audacious Bad Badgers.

Bold and wily, they meet adversity with unyielding tenacity. Yet, when the desperate Savagelings threaten a force so devastating it compels the dwarves to consider an alliance with their sworn enemies, the Bad Badgers must counter with the unconventional.

From booby traps to ambushes, they’re ready to show the enemy why they’re the feared Dirty Dozen. But with secret schemes unfolding within the Dwarvish Empire and daggers being honed for their backs, the Bad Badgers’ challenge is monumental.

Yet, they know, when adversity strikes, they can stoop even lower.

Facing not just a battle, but a war, can they withstand a foe who shatters mountains?

Title: Showdown
Series: The Elementalist
Release Date:07/26/2023

Every challenge demands a hero. Every enemy, an adversary. Every secret, a revelation.

Jack Williams, our elemental protagonist, returns, learning the delicate dance of controlling the elements, and encountering a daunting reality:

Great power is a double-edged sword – one that wields immense responsibility and peril in equal measures.

The fiery nemesis, Pyro, is on the loose, his hunger for chaos growing with every conflagration he ignites. As the flames of destruction rise higher and the stakes intensify, Jack grapples with a hard truth:

Defeating Pyro is beyond his power alone.

Lines blur as he aligns with the Special Protection Protocol (SPP) – his longtime rivals. United, they aim to extinguish Pyro’s infernal rampage before it consumes more innocents and reveals the elemental truth to the world.

But can Jack place his trust in the very people he once vowed to defeat?

Could he become the pawn in their dangerous game, and worse, their ultimate weapon?

In this electrifying sequel, Jack weaves his way through a web of government intrigue and precarious alliances.

Get ready to be engulfed in a torrent of elemental battles, secretive ploys, and adrenaline-fueled action in this urban fantasy thrill ride!

Title: No Rest For The Dead
Series: The Psychic Guardian Angel Book 2
Release Date: 07/27/2023

The dead are tired of waiting. They want justice.

Jacob Daniels is the tool they have chosen to help them find peace. The only way to live the life he wants is to accept his gift and become their guardian angel.

Daniels has his fun at a Halloween Corn Maze ruined by ghosts who are seeking vengeance. While searching for the missing father of a friend, he discovers that the killer is a pupil of Martin Franklin.

But the student has exceeded the teacher.

Daniels finds himself with a target on his back once again as he works to track down the witness who has seen the killer.

However, the killer learned from his mentor’s mistakes and isn’t afraid to use the people Daniels cares about as leverage to make him stop. Daniels and all who care about him become targets as well.

Can a psychic who wants a normal life become a weapon for the spirit world and survive unscathed? Or will he become another victim?

Title: Ishtar’s Curse
Series: Daywalker Chronicles Book 5
Release Date: 07/28/2023

Did you know that there’s a hell inside of hell?

Neither did I! But I have to go there…

Yeah, I’ve been the vanilla hell before. It sucks. You know, because it’s hell.

But the Babylonian goddess who cursed me is imprisoned in hell’s hell, and if I want to be free, I have to find her.

This place isn’t anything like I expected.

There’s only one way to leave.

And I’m afraid of what has followed me during my escape.

What did I just unleash on the world?

Get your copy and find out if Sienna can free herself from Ishtar’s curse without damning the world as a result.

Ishtar’s Curse is the fifth book in Daywalker Chronicles – a paranormal adventure, Fast-paced urban fantasy featuring a slow burn closed door romance and a snarky heroine.

Readers who enjoyed The Chronicles of Zoey Grimm met Sienna before. Now she’s in a new city, with new allies and enemies.

The stakes have never been higher.