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Unwind with this Week in Review for July 12- July 18th, 2020

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With 4 different books released this week, you can stay caught up on some of your favorite reads!


Dealing in Magic:

Circuits and spells, potions and power cells, their combination could prove deadly. Unless Leira Berens gets there first. The Fixer has arrived to help her gain control of her powers. Will it be in time?



Jackson Reese, Special Forces Captain in the UCCA, deals with alien invasions on a daily basis. He’s at the top of his game. Not even an artificial leg is holding him back… Or so he thought.


Resistance to Magic:

Magic killed her parents. Will it kill her too? The amulet Sariah found buried in the mines looked liked her ticket out of her half-starved backwater life. The pendant was surely very valuable.  The assassin who tried to steal it apparently agreed.


Harmonize Hostilities:

The Dragon Elite are growing. At an alarming rate, no one saw coming. It’s hard for S. Beaufont to imagine that dragons were nearly extinct and now they are hatching rapidly.  However, for every good dragon, there is an evil one. That was the way the angels set it up. But can things be changed?

With 4 new books this week, you can catch up on some of your favorite reads. Check out the Week in Review now.