cropped-Death-Becomes-Her-Cover.jpgIf you read all of the suggestions on how to become an overnight success on Amazon, you will be working to prepare the world for the birth of your book more than you will be writing your book.

I didn’t do any of that (I wasn’t even sure I was finishing the first book until the last two weeks). I was wholly unprepared for making ANYTHING happen.  After reading the suggestions and how-to’s for becoming a successful writer I decided I would try to get out my first three books before making a hard push, certainly the second book for sure. I wasn’t sure how this KDP stuff worked and I wanted to figure it out.

Death Becomes Her took a year to write.  Not because I spent a year, but rather because I wrote for a week and basically stuck it in the digital drawer for a few months.  Took it out, read it and wrote a little.  You get the picture.

Finally, I decided to really finish the book and downloaded Scrivener which was instrumental in helping me finish the book.  It is amazing.  It took less than two weeks to finish the book after getting Scrivener and ‘just getting it done’.

Now, less than one week after ‘just releasing it.’, I have 7 sales (US, Canada, Great Britain) and over 7,700 KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages).  I have two stalwart individuals who have signed up for my email list. Check it out here: ( A working Facebook page where I keep up with the status of the next book and plug the research I’m doing (I guarantee you won’t see too many Author pages with both Military Helicopters and the Top Women’s Shoes Designers).  The Facebook page is here, check it out: (

Personally?  I’m enthusiastic! I believe we live in the time of the creatives.  Long Live Creativity!