cropped-Death-Becomes-Her-Cover.jpgBethany Anne is back, and she has a lot to do!  This new story follows Bethany Anne back to America where she gets to meet new people, create new alliances and take care of freaking business!  If you aren’t a fan of cursing, this book will not be for you.  Bethany Anne has a foul mouth and finds cursing to be hilarious.  She uses it to get a couple of uptight agents to finally loosen up.

The second in The Kurtherian Gambit series, Queen BItch will be finished before the end of November, 2015.  It took me 1 year to get the first book written (read the previous post).  It took me one week to get the second book written.  Now, I have to do the editing and that takes a while.  I can’t tell you the respect I have for writers now.  I swear I type one thing and when I go back, it has been changed.

It sometimes feels like instead of typing, I’m dictating to SIRI.

“SIRI, I…” You know what?  I’d better not.  This is a public forum.

Get the book, read the book.  I hope you enjoy reading it and continuing the adventures of one Bad-Ass Lady and the friends she is starting to make.