Don't blink! You're seeing the banner with the books correctly! There are only three books this week, but I know they are all new releases in series you can't wait for the next releases in! (And there's nothing wrong with that!)

There will be one more new series coming in January, right before the month ends – literally the last day. I may have a teaser for you before then and will share it in one of our regular emails, but if not, you'll get it next Monday.​​

I have 3 exciting books launching this week and one of them is out this morning! That's pretty sweet for a Monday!


This Week's New Releases

Title: Ancient Powers
Series: The Helsing Society Book 5
Release Date: 01/23/2023

The battle for the soul of Phoenix is over. 

Things in the supernatural world should have calmed down, but they’re heating up.

At Least Dyani and her pack are satisfied because everyone else is still out for blood.

The bloodbath started by the King and the Master isn’t over yet. 

The death of the vampires’ leader has caused a power vacuum. Any vampire old enough to make a claim for control is crawling out of the woodwork.

If all the Helsing Society had to worry about was the vampires, things wouldn’t be so bad.

The timing is almost too perfect to be a coincidence when Darion Bloom mysteriously appears with the blood staff, Sangre Drenar, in his possession. 

With the staff, he can force any vampire to do his bidding. The vampires aren’t thrilled with the staff’s reemergence.

If the staff and the vampires aren’t enough to contend with, Saul makes a deal with a fairy. 

A real-life, pointy-eared fairy. Dylan is starting to feel like they’ve stepped out of the real world and into a fantasy story.

Will this latest avalanche of calamities be the straw that breaks the Helsing Society’s back? 

Title: Witch With A Choice
Series: Witch Warrior Book 9
Release Date: 01/25/2023

Chaos surrounds Cait Keane and her dragon partner. 

The arrival of The Chemist, an assassin specializing in poisons has started the upheaval. It’s throwing the criminal organization, the Dragons into defensive mode. Opportunity breeds vermin. The Thorns step into the void to continue their takeover of the territory.

Evil shifters and magicals are in disarray after their failure to defeat the coven and are turning more aggressive and dangerous.

And the creatures threatening Aza’s family are increasing in number… and in size.

Can Cait, Aza, and those they love even find a safe path through the wall of danger?

Training, weapons and a good team always leaves room for hope.

The new Chief Deputy Marshal is focused on the gangs. Sabrina will have to split her infomancy efforts if she wants to continue chasing Perpetuity.

Cait has set a trap for an old nemesis using Bailey Wallace’s greed against him. Ernesto Delando is next on the hitlist of the Rogue Agents of Magic.

Challenges are just another day for Cait Keane.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Wendigos in Washington
Series: Case Files of an Urban Druid
Release Date: 01/27/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Revived after months of being cursed and comatose, I’m thrown straight into Christmas and a chaotic case of carnivals, cannibals, and country cops.

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

Team Trouble continues to bust our butts to smooth out the rough edges between the empowered and ordinary communities. The problem is…the wacked and weird isn’t slowing down.

It’s been a year, and something has got to give—Sloan’s worried it will be me.

With family, friends, and Tarzan the Magical Marvel at my side, s’all good. Well, other than Dionysus trying to convince us to run away with the circus.

Join Fiona on another action-packed adventure filled in the sixth installment of the Case Files of an Urban Druid series, Wendigos in Washington.