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Week in Review February 14-20, 2021


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Warlord Born:

For two decades he served…and never questioned the orders. Would one act of mercy cost him? Alistair believed in the work. It was important to stop the rebels for the good of the Commonwealth. Over his career he’d become the greatest Titan the Corp had ever seen. It was a simple mission. Then the rebels said one thing…and Alistair’s life changed forever. For ten generations his family had ruled. Alexander’s 30-years as Emperor had been peaceful, but only because he didn’t tolerate dissent. The only thing worse than a rebel was a disloyal Titan. Alistair must die. In a battle of Good vs. Evil, the stakes have never been higher. How will Alistair escape? You’ll love this first book in The Great Insurrection series, because this military science fiction will keep you hungry for the next page.


Strange and Unusual:

I’m not Goth to hide my Drow heritage, I’m Goth because I’m not a quitter. My name is Cheyenne Summerlin, remember that name. Somebody should… The world can’t know I’m a Drow halfling. Not yet. I barely have these powers under my control, but time’s up. I’m about to take magic for a test drive. Want to come along? The black-ops government group believe they can run my life… But I have plans of my own. Watch out magical evil doers – I’m about to crash your party. But will my training be enough?


Dragon Fire and Pixie Dust:

Pixies are disappearing, and not in a good way. The flighty little creatures are made of pure magic, making them both extremely powerful and vulnerable. For a mage with the right knowledge can capture and drain them, becoming a wizard of near-godlike power in the process. It’s happened before, and it’s happening again. But no one will believe the pixies. That same flighty reputation means nobody is taking the abductions seriously — except Kylara Diamantine, the only mage who can transform into a dragon. When a pixie comes to her for help, Ky risks everything to bring the missing pixies home. But why do they keep calling her the ‘big pixie’, anyway? Ky doesn’t mind, but it has her worried…


The Game of Worlds:

In the year 2345, young heroes yanked from the 20th century and beyond must fight an enemy more skilled, cunning, and dangerous than they ever imagined. But these young heroes are the world’s only hope. Adam O’Connor is no stranger to trouble. His most recent stunt – setting off firecrackers in a teacher’s car – has landed him a school suspension. But even Adam can’t have predicted the brand of trouble that awaits him when he’s yanked to 2345 to attend an historic meeting between humans and the warlike K’lugu and Devlins. Will he display the “grit” that only a select few in his generation possess? Will he become the hero that he is destined to be?



The King’s Court is against the clock. Solve the riddles and save the cities. Should be done by happy hour, right? Not unless they find Rogue. The Dragon’s ultimatum has split the King’s Court across the East Coast. They race to stop the bombs the Dragon’s mortal allies have planted. Meanwhile, Jennie has been captured by the Dragon. With great power comes great amounts of administration work and a massive reduction in sleep. Daggro is cracking, and the SIA is at breaking point. Jennie will need every trick in the spectral handbook to outwit Peter Zhao, but will she be able to overcome the wrongs done to her by the SIA and work with them to stop him from destroying the cities? More importantly, will Jennie solve the riddles in time to stop the disaster brewing closer to home?


Ground Breaking Books Here: Week in Review



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