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This week’s new releases from LMBPN


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Love and Aliens:

Alex is about to go on her most terrifying ride yet… her first date.


Bunyips and Billabongs:

Penny and Boots are going home. Not for good — trouble is brewing like a billy tea in the great outback, and they’ve been tasked to fix it.


Choose the Slain:

The Lone Valkyrie has an insane evil haunting her dreams… And a sassy goblin helping her during the day. Which is worse? Hard to say.


Magic Underground:

The Hadstrom sisters need to get the Gorafrex back in its prison. Fast. The problem is these witches don’t know how to get him there or lock him inside.


Etheric Explorer:

Anne and Jinx are back! When you are a young adult in the Etheric Empire, your life can be changed in mere moments.



With all of these fantastic new releases, You won’t be able to help but smile this weekend!


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