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Deck the halls with eldritch monsters… Check it out this new book!

No one is more shocked than Ginger Mitchell, former call girl, current PI, at how well this whole crime-fighting thing is going. Read all about it with this new volume!

She’s back! The Rifts are closed. Irth is no longer under threat. Get your hands on this book now!

Dragons are almost extinct. Eggs are rare. The dragons alive are in danger. All because of one man. Check out this new book today!

Lily and Romeo are just one desert away from reaching the High Seat of the Black Heron Society where they can finally learn the fate of Lily’s mom, Greta. You won’t want to miss this one!

Since myth and legend started coming to life, Penny has seen everything. Werewolves, ghosts, witches, gods, spooky video games… wait, what? Get your hands on this book now!

First there were vampires. Then ghosts. Now Claire faces her greatest challenge yet. Read all about it in this new novel!

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