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Week in Review for December 9 – 13


This week saw 6 new books launch! If you haven’t seen them all yet, now’s your chance to check out what you’ve missed. Sneaky, I know. 😉


School’s just about over, and it’s time to learn how to fight in the real world, without the safety on.

No pressure, well, actually there is for Remy and his team!

Cali and her magical lizard, Fyre are caught in the crosshairs of two different sets of enemies.

Tim took a leap of faith and entered a virtual world full of unlimited possibilities!

When vampires, werewolves, and fae came out to the world ten years ago, personal tragedy drove Judah Black to join BSI—the Bureau of Supernatural Investigations.

What’s this cover-up that could bring down the Federation?

With all of the fantastic storylines, you won’t want to miss any of them! Click here to see books and find the ones you’re missing now. 🙂