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There comes a day where every recruit is assigned their first mission. Alex is no exception. Except she is. After performing exceptionally well on her test and helping defend the Nest, the instructors have taken notice of her. That’s why her first mission isn’t going to be easy.


How can you tell what a spell will actually do? You can’t when magic in Austin is on the fritz. No worries. The Hadstrom trio are going old school to fight the Gorafrex. Old school magic. Okay, how do you make a potion again? No time to figure it out because the Gorafrex is on the move.


King Arthur Is Dead. Long Live the Undead Queen! Guinevere thought that her life was over, that she would spend the rest of her days in a convent or hidden away in Avalon, but she was wrong. Cursed by Morgan LeFay, Queen Guinevere is banished from Avalon and must face the ages alone, hiding in the shadows as a…


Is it just me, or do these all sound intriguing? I must say, I’m surprised where Queen Guinevere ended up. If you are too, then check out our list of new releases today! LMBPN’s Week in Review