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Few dragon riders remain. Even fewer manage to survive training! Can Alex survive?

Elemental Earth Magic. Intergalactic Consequences. Maggie Parker holds the compass and her magic can change everything – but time is running out.

A tall Dwarf, a small dragon and a bone digger walk into a bar to come up with a plan to save the Earth.

Special Agent Niki Banks has called in a favor, and now Taylor has a young hacker with an attitude as an employee.  Along with new monsters to kill, a business to get off the ground, a relationship with an annoying FBI Handler to … deal with Taylor is becoming a surrogate male figure for a role he didn’t want.

You can’t hide from Justice when Justice has your scent. Jia and Erik are following up on crimes they run across, providing Erik with more hints that he needs to help track down the killers of his people.

With 5 different books in various genre’s, there’s bound to be something you’ll love! Check out the list here: Week in Review