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The complete boxed series of The Etheric Academy was released this week! Building a New Empire is supposed to be dangerous, but training the next generation of leaders? Don’t wait to get your hands on this series!

New semester. New classes. New challenges. Can a 400-year-old teenage vampire learn to control her powers enough to manage the halls of public school? And not bite anyone of course…You can now have have the fourth books in The Last Vampire series. Check it out today!

Have you read the first seven books in the Animus series? This time, Kaiden’s friend needs a little support…You won’t want to miss it!

What is a billionaire heiress supposed to do when her Lagarde blood is starting to show… with a goddess inside of her? For those who LOVE science fiction, you’ll want to check out this book. Check it out now!

The second book in the Crystal Doors series was also released this week. Will family help Gwen and Vic survive, or will nature require balanced scales? Make sure to get this book from a NY Times Bestselling Author to find out!



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