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The complete boxed series of Animus was released this week! This isn’t your average academy series. Animus is all about The Nexus Academy. The future of alien warfare. Don’t wait to get your hands on this series!

Safety takes a back seat to profit. Until it crosses the line. Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy. You can now have have the sixth books in Judge, Jury, & Executioner series. Check it out today!

Alison bloodied the Tapestry, but has she defeated them? You won’t want to miss the eleventh book in the Alison Brownstone series!

What happens when you come back from vacationn to find out your dog ate the dog-sitter. And your dog isn’t a dog? For those who LOVE science fiction, you’ll want to check out this book. Check it out now!

The third book in the Crystal Doors series was also released this week. Can Gwen, Vic and their friends succeed in this exciting conclusion? Make sure to get this book from a NY Times Bestselling Author to find out!

The Sinclairs aren’t gone. And they’ve just awoken an ancient evil. One whose job is to put mortals to sleep forever. Get the ninth book in the Unstoppable Liv Beaufont series now!



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