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This week’s new releases from LMBPN


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Ghost Squadron Full Series Omnibus:

Kill the bad guys. Save the galaxy. All in a hard day’s work. This full series boxed set is sure to excite!


Steel Dragon 3:

Kristen has come fully into her dragon power. And just in time, because enemies are gathering. A war for control of the planet is brewing – one which would devastate dragon and human alike! Who doesn’t love a dragon shifter series?


End of War:

The Jemmin have interfered with humanity for the last time. The Metal Legion is going to fix that. Or die trying… Now that this series is over, have you started it yet?


Enlightened Ignorance:

There is a reason Earth believes they are the pinnacle of advanced society. The past is fraught with lies that could topple everything, sending humanity into a tail-spin. The 4th book in this wildly popular series is now available!


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