We hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. Well … those who have a holiday this weekend anyway. If you don’t, so sorry! But the books we released this week are fantastic!


As promised, we had another new series launch this week! Woot woot! For those of you who were mourning the loss of the Zoo Apocalypse Paused, check out Zoo Team Savage! This new series takes place in California and deals with the fall-out of “things” leaving the Zoo! You won’t want to miss this one!

There was also another episode of the Zoo Birth of Heavy Metal. This time, there is another group learning what it takes to plunder the ZOO. Can they live through it?

Are you reading Wolfe’s journey home? Turns out he isn’t as strong as he thought he was. Now he has to cross the Red Zone.

We really hope you have had a chance to check out the fantastic new releases! Keep looking for more new series as well as new books within your favourite series all coming very soon!

Here’s the Week in Review, enjoy!