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The gathering of souls, the Sacred Survivors. Little Rock Arkansas is the home to those who made it through, led by a mystic, a guru, a charismatic soul. Don’t wait to get your hands on this new book! Check it out!

Just follow the clues across the map… Find your family – dead or alive? Check out the fourth book in the Witch Next Door series! You won’t want to miss it.

When historian Carrie Jo Jardine accepted her dream job as the chief historian at Seven Sisters in Mobile, Alabama, she had no idea what she would encounter…Check out this complete set now!

For a merc company, better pay is…better, right? Not necessarily. Get your hands on this book now!

The most important magical creature has gone missing. It’s up to Warrior Liv Beaufont to find him. But she has no idea where to look. Make sure to get this book too!

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