Week in Review


This past week was an exciting one! Wasn’t it?


Welcome to the Week in Review May 12 – 28, 2019


We started a brand new YA Vampire series, ended an exciting and sometimes scary science fiction, and then added 3 more books to popular series! Whew! That was A LOT!


Bethany-Anne released her next book, showing how she and her team are dealing with the scourge of the universe.

The latest Federal Agent of Magic is expanding her operations and having some seriously great times while getting rid of the nasty, bad buys!

We saw the close to the Zoo Apocalypse Paused series and said goodbye to some friends. But don’t worry, there’s more to come with the Zoo! When one door closes, another is ripped open by the inhabitants.

A brand new foray into teen vampires joined the team this week. Being the last vampire is bad enough, but also being a teenager in today’s society is really rough! I’m so glad I’m not a teen anymore.

A classic story was retold by the Warner twins! Even their parents got in on the action this time.


With all of this action, adventure, intrigue, fantasy, death, bad guys getting beat downs, and sci-fi craziness, I hope you enjoyed the various worlds our authors have created. Come on over and check out the Week In Review today!