Another week is upon us! And this is the last week of June which means we’re almost halfway through the year. So close, I can almost taste it. Speaking of tasting, I can almost taste the hot dogs, hamburgers, and other delicious food that will be grilled up next week too! Don’t worry, we’ll be here next week to deliver the new releases, Wild Wednesday and everything else you are dying to hear about. And, I can tell you next month we’ll be having our Christmas in July week! It won’t be next week but it will be soon!

I have 6 amazing books launching this week and the first of the six is out today! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Babylon Rising
Series: Daywalker Chronicles Book 4
Release Date: 06/26/2023

Babylon is rising in the swamps of Louisiana.

More than an ancient empire—it comes packaged with an army and a host of Babylonian gods.

It’s one thing to fight a god or two. Been there done that.

Can I possibly stand against an ancient empire with an entire pantheon guiding their imperial ambitions?

I can’t do it alone. That’s for sure.

Old enemies will have to become friends. But some of my old friends aren’t up for the fight.

Dylan and his pack aren’t the werewolves they used to be—they were cured.

Or were they?

Nebuchadnezzar’s army is growing stronger by the day.

The only thing I know for sure is that they won’t stop until they’ve defeated the world.

Title: Bigger Monsters, More Trouble
Series: Big Easy Bounty Hunter Book 4
Release Date: 06/27/2023

What’s the reward for a job well done? A tougher job.

Matt and Natalia can’t catch a break. All they want to do is chase bounties, get paid, and live their lives in peace.

If only life in the Big Easy was that simple.

Everywhere they turn, something or someone is hell-bent on interfering with their plans.

Winston Blackwell’s plotting against Matt and Natalia turns dark when he hatches a scheme to remove Matt from the equation and leave Natalia vulnerable.

Will Matt prevail, or will Winston claim his ultimate prize?

Natalia is still plagued by her limited abilities in offensive magic.

A mysterious dark elf could hold the solution to all her problems.

With no end to her troubles in sight, she must take a risk to conquer her fears of inadequacy and defeat the ghosts of memories that haunt her.

Can Natalia find the answers before the crushing uncertainty causes her to fall? Or will she fail and drag Matt down at a critical moment?

Title: Dragon Unveiling 
Series: Dragon Apparent Book 8
Release Date: 06/27/2023

The world is in danger, and Scarlet refuses to lay down the weight of blame.

Scarlet is struggling to defend the planet against the demon from behind the gate.

Frustration and fear build as creatures succumb to the demonic corruption and their enemy continues to gain ground in the fight. No matter what they do to drive him back, Scarlet’s army keeps coming in second.

But the dragons are no longer alone in the fight.

Humanity is stepping up and the militaries from around the world untie to defend their world alongside the dragons.

Together, there is a chance their combined might can stop the corruption spreading, and new knowledge of ancient artifacts hidden around the world could be the advantage they need to save everyone.

Scarlet has to believe that they can truly trust each other. The only other option is utter destruction.

Will the fragile alliance be strong enough to help them beat the demon to the artifacts? Or will there be yet more unwanted surprises that prevent Scarlet from getting the demon back behind the gate?

Title: Leader
Series: Para-Military Recruiter Book 9
Release Date: 06/28/2023

All’s fair in love, but how will Julie fare as the threat of war looms over Avalon?

Just as she was getting settled in at Tactical Command, her duty to the unborn dragon heir has Julie chasing her tail between OPMA and the Deep. It’s been so long since she had any time for her mom that the words “aloe vera juice” have almost lost their power.

Being pulled in so many different directions would be a lot harder for Julie without a certain Aether Elf prince by her side.

The couple get their first taste of domestic bliss as she gets to grips with life in the Deep. While the relief of her separation from Eggy ending is huge, not every dragon is happy to have her there.

A mystery dragoness comes to call amid a whirlwind of Deep nobility hoping to get Julie’s—and the unborn heir’s—favor. Their introduction draws Julie into the heart of dragon politics, a complex battleground that only the strongest survive.

Will the dragons decide to intervene in the war for Avalon’s future? Or will the war be over before a consensus is reached?

While Julie’s frustration with the sluggish pace of dragonkind’s decision-making process grows, Queen Esmerelda is taking rapid action to subvert the coming war.

Julie and Taylor return to Avalon in time for the departure of the Eternal Council, who are embarking on a whirlwind tour of the larger para settlements across Avalon and Earth.

Being back with her bestie and her old unit as their tactical support officer is practically a vacation for Julie, one where she gets to see Taylor shine in his role as liaison between the royals families and the Council while they visit places she had only ever dreamed about seeing.

But there’s a spy in their midst, and someone is determined to derail the peace process by any means necessary. The death of a minor royal in Paris leaves Mina Nox vulnerable to accusations of murder.

As Julie works to clear Mina’s name, tragedy strikes the Woodskin family and they are forced to return to New York to pick up the pieces while the rest of the team prepare to take action against the renegade paras gathering in Spain.

Navigating the infuriating minefield that is dragon politics falls to the side when the hunt for the para building a geasa-controlled army comes to a head with a shocking revelation.

Can a lie told in the name of protection be forgiven? Or will Julie end up being the first para to fall when the truth comes out?

Title: Into Enemy Territory
Series: Gravitium Book 3
Release Date: 06/29/2023

The treacherous blade cuts deep, no matter its size.

Claire learns that the hard way when she finds herself in the midst of a brutal street-to-street conflict in the city above the clouds.

Bitter rivalries make for cruel enemies, and Summerland is about to discover that the biggest threat was never vampires or Weres.

Claire will need all of her skill and luck to keep the city above the earth where it belongs.

If they can survive the onslaught, their next task will be staging a counterattack. But even the will to survive might not be enough to pull off the alliance needed to assure victory.

In the midst of all this chaos, Claire might finally find the answer to where she came from.

Being adopted by a Were was a blessing she’s grateful for, but she can’t be blamed for wondering why she needed to be adopted in the first place.

Title: Sunrise and Ashes
Series: The Chosen Legacy Book 4
Release Date: 06/30/2023

Ren uncovered the council’s deadly secret, and it means make or break for the resistance.

After experiencing the devastating capabilities of the combat-ready bioadvanced machines firsthand, the resistance and their allies realize that the council created the CAMs to wreak destruction wherever they cannot control.

The choice is clear: annihilate the technological monstrosities and their masters, or lose everything they’ve fought for.

Ren always knew getting out from under the thumb of the council carried a huge risk for everyone involved, but the price of overthrowing their overlords has become too high.

The oppressive rule of the council hangs heavy over Ren’s head and the entire world. With the CAMs in their arsenal, innocent lives will be sacrificed, hopes destroyed, and families torn apart forever.

While some of the factions are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the council from succeeding, Ren refuses to spend the lives of the people they’ve been trying to free from tyranny.

Love is a choice Ren never believed she would make. The freedom she’s been fighting for is closer than ever, and so is her destruction.

Ren’s desperate search for hope uncovers an unexpected bond that could provide her with the answer she’s been looking for. But her solution could turn out to be more dangerous than the resistance’s plan.

With freedom within reach, she must make a decision that will define humanity’s future.

Can Ren bring an end to the council’s regime without paying for it in blood? If she can’t make the right choice, is she ready to lose someone again?