Another week has started and not only do we have a bunch of new releases in existing series, but we also have a new release in a new series this week. And I know how much you guys love new series!

I am curious. Do you reread series, especially series that are your favorite or comfort series to reread?​​

I have 5 fantastic books launching this week. Among those books, one starts a new series for all of us to enjoy. And another of those books is already out as of this morning. That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!


This Week’s New Releases

Title: The Tome of Betrayal
Series: Legends Are Made Book 3
Release Date: 09/18/2023

Echoes of the past guide the decisions of the present, but will that be enough to save Sofia from herself?

Betrayals force both Sofia and Tamerin to re-evaluate who they trust. Across the centuries, both experience trials that lead them to reconsider their place in the world they live in.

While the young Dragonlord and his Night Rangers discover that pride comes before a fall, Sofia gets the chance she has been waiting for.

With no moral quandary over whether she is doing the right thing, she takes justice into her own hands.

In the present, Kemuri is ready to admit that the war is not over..

His many conversations with Sofia and her friends, watching them grow together the same way he and his Night Rangers did so long ago, the Dragonlord accepts the hand fate has dealt.

One truth stands out above all others. He has been gifted with a new generation of heroes to fight by his side. Together, they must face what must be done to end the threat their enemy poses once and for all.

He cannot allow the Outer Ones to win. It is time to act by taking back what is his…

Is history doomed to repeat itself? Or can Kemuri’s guidance show Sofia the path to taking her place among the heroes of legend?

Title: Consumed
Series: A Murderous Mind Book 3
Release Date: 09/19/2023

John’s world is aflame, the heavens pouring fuel on the pyre…

In sun-drenched Mexico, he seeks refuge from the relentless police investigation singling him out. If he could disappear, perhaps Detectives Tremock and Merchent would shift their gaze, their suspicion cooling…

But Harry refuses to be left behind.

As the detectives race against time to locate John before more victims fall, John’s family desperately tries to reach him first.

For John, the chase is approaching its endgame, one way or another.

In the sinister shadows of Mexico’s nights, John’s sanctuary morphs into his prison. Harry prowls in the darkness, always craving more. As the net tightens, a horrifying reality emerges: there’s no place left to run.

Prepare for a thrilling ride, where every page edges you closer to a fiery revelation. Will John escape the inferno of his deeds, or will everyone in his path be consumed?

Get your copy now…if you dare to dance with the flames.

Note: This book was previously published as Hurricane.

Title: Be A Hero Or Die
Series: Heaven’s Peak Book 1
Release Date: 09/20/2023

“When Earth fell, our world was left in the claws of monstrous alien invaders. Among those who remain, a young man who has the beginnings of someone who can help.”

His journey begins not on the scorched battlegrounds of Earth, but in the distant reaches of space, on a station known as Heaven’s Peak.

Heaven’s Peak isn’t merely a sanctuary—it’s a forge.

There, the boy will be transformed, his frail human body enhanced by alien technology into a weapon capable of standing against the brutal creatures dominating Earth.

Will this young warrior survive, grow stronger, and ultimately spearhead humanity’s fightback?

Or will the rigorous training kill him before he has the chance to face the real enemy?

Title: Moon’s Desolation
Series: Gravitium Book 5
Release Date: 09/21/2023

When the sins of the past return to haunt the skies, can Claire stop the floating city’s final descent before all is lost in the darkness below?

In the floating citadel of Summerland, Claire Voyhent thought her biggest challenge was keeping the city in the sky. But as she descends into the vampire metropolises below, she uncovers a threat that endangers not just her home among the clouds, but the entire Gravitium world.

Gene-spliced monstrosities, covert pacts between mortal enemies, and genetic conspiracies that entangle man and monster alike – Claire finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue that spans the vertical landscape.

To save Summerland and the surface below, she must unite vampires, werewolves, and her own motley crew of heroes against this looming menace. But with betrayal lurking in every shadow, will her tenuous alliances withstand the coming storm?

Or will darkness consume them all?

Find out in this pulse-pounding fifth installment of the Gravitium saga!

Title: Warlock Warfare
Series: The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont Book 7
Release Date: 09/22/2023

Witch hunters have the worst enemies…

They are total witches.

Rose Beaufont has angered the wrong warlock and now he wants her dead.

All because she killed his brother.

But the guy wanted to die and asked her to do it.

Still this madman can’t be reasoned with.

Meanwhile, Rose must track down the spell keeping John locked in dreams, get back Diabolos, help London to acclimate in his new role, move a crazy lady in with her mother and find out how to bring down the Shadow Walker coven for good.

A demigod’s job is never done.

Quite literally, Rose’s job will never be over—that’s how important it is.

Can Rose do it all before a crazy warlock tries to murder her?