Whimsical Week in review

These new books are as fantastic as they are amusing.

August 1 – 7, 2021

Fantastic New Books Here: Week in Review


Eat Lasers and Die Humans e-book coverEat Lasers and Die, Human:

What’s worse than ripping off pirates? Ripping off pirates that find you later.

John and Meehix need something for Chuckie. It’s SPEED, and it is needed fast. Their friend is going through withdrawal.
One thing Meehix never expected happened. Will she allow the rage she is feeling to push her to actions she can’t take back?

Gage is in trouble and must go on the road to protect his family. Will he find safety? The team has decided the best defense is a good offense. Why choose to go after the most feared <redacted> in the Universe?  They are bounty hunters, right?

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When friends are enemies and enemies are friends, it’s hard for Cheyenne to know who to trust – especially within the FRoE. Things are changing with Cheyenne’s mom and not for the better. A new rune appears on Cheyenne’s skin, and they know they have to do something. And the poison Cheyenne’s fighting still hasn’t left her body. What to do next?

First, the Drow needs to figure out who’s a fake in the FRoE. Time to take out the trash and move the FRoE in the right direction before more war machines tear up the area. Then reach out to a certain magical to see if he can help with the curse.

This has become the Drow halfling’s life. Will she be successful?

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Dryad Souled e-book coverDryad Souled:

Is the law always right? Aella and Zephyr were set up and arrested for murders they didn’t commit. With the whole world looking on, can they prove their innocence?

Jacobs is determined to ruin Aella no matter what. Can she stand up to him without endangering more human lives?

Also, why does Jacobs hate mythicals so much? Aella is determined to find out before she takes him down. One person can help Aella sort out this mess, but will he even care?

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Fae or Fae KnotFae or Fae Knot:

Time might heal a broken heart, but what mends a broken promise? The Sidhe must pick a court or go mad. Sir Al Dunstable’s parents force him to pledge loyalty to the Sidhe Queen.

Will the bonds between him and Captain Gemma Tolland’s break when she gives birth to their daughter, who will be a subject of the other royal?

The contrary couple is on opposite sides of the age-old Faerie cold war. The family that’s Fae together can’t stay together without breaking laws punishable by death. Will they protect all of Faerie or their hearts?

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Paris Beaufont has a way of making really great friends. And also really dangerous enemies.

Agent Ruby has gone rogue, fleeing the Fairy Godmother Agency. With his cover blown, he has nothing to lose. Now he’s got only one mission. He’s taking down the Fairy Godmother Agency, the current Saint Valentine and Happily Ever After College. However, there’s someone who has a fierce love for the fairy godmothers and won’t allow anyone to destroy her new home.

Paris Beaufont may not be the average fairy and that’s exactly why she’s a force to be reckoned with. Can she stop Agent Ruby before he destroys love?

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Law or Justice e-book coverLaw or Justice:

ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem in the cesspool of humanity's future. Anything you do inside your own home is allowed.

The pressure is rising, the walls closing in. Terra must deal with a voice in her head. Can Terra find evidence against the Police Captain, Parker Garcia, or will she trip over rules and regulations in the process?

For every fox, there is a bloodhound. For Garcia, she is named Terra Kris. She knows one person who can help her find the answers. Unfortunately, his name is Dick Chambers.

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