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Week in Review December 19 – 25, 2021

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Light the world e-book coverLight the World:

Lyssa’s dramatic victory on Last Remnant signaled the end of her lonely crusade. She’s able to relax and bask in the satisfaction of knowing all her efforts saved the people she loved. Hope shines from the future and whispers of sweet possibility. At least that’s what was supposed to happen.

The Tribunal pulls Lyssa from her well-earned vacation to send against the remnants of the enemy who almost brought down the entire Illuminated Society. The former pariah Sorceress has become the preferred tool of her Elders. Sometimes a house is so infested the only choice left is to tear down the entire thing.

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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and Stephanie’s future depends on strengthening ties with the Meligorn and Dreth.  Stephanie will be tested to the limits by the masters of MU. But will they be her limits, or those of the teachers testing her? Humanity’s position in the Federation is shifting…

When the world needs help, a Morgana will rise. However, it isn’t just one world in need. Stephanie must step up to protect the Federation. Can Stephanie get through one negotiation without it devolving into violence? More accurately, will the Federation’s enemies ever learn it is a bad idea to annoy the human Witch?

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High Lead and Low deeds e-book coverHigh Lead and Low Deeds:

What do you do when the world won’t leave you alone? Time rolls on and nature abhors a vacuum and for all its wonders Atlantica is no stranger to this. Atlantica continues to grow and expand, but as its population has swelled and influence grown, the rest of the world has taken notice.

Spies, provocateurs, and operatives of all sorts are pouring into the island and the Executioners are caught squarely in the middle of everything. And poor Gage is laid up with injuries and a less than eager physician attending him. For his part, Dr. Dante is a man without a home who has been tossed about by powerful people so all of this is nothing new. But when assassins, prostitutes, and foreign agents have you in their sights doctor and patient will have one hell of a ride ahead of them. What’s the recovery time on a gun battle, after all?

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Rogue retribution e-book coverRogue Retribution:

It’s time for payback! After the capture and daring rescue of her teammate – bullets flying – Diana Sheen is focusing on a new mission. Push back the cult emerging around Rhazdon artifacts. Some Oriceran evil just can’t stay dead.

The legacy of the half-Atlantean’s magic is a dark and ancient magic that must be collected and hidden away forever – from everyone. Kevin Serrano has the same idea with a twist. He wants to shepherd the powerful artifacts while gunning for Diana and her team. Talk about twisted. Even the Army wants the artifacts to create magical super-soldiers. Leira Berens beat that idea back once before. Can Diana and her crew do the same? The race is on. Will another troll make all the difference?

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Fairness Released e-book coverFairness Released:

The Dragon Elite are growing more powerful. But so are their enemies. Dragon eggs have been stolen, but Sophia isn’t deterred. She will get them back and make the thieves suffer. Once she figures out where to look for them…

The stakes are higher than ever as Sophia is sent on mission after mission to help the Dragon Elite, do Subner’s bidding and also save those at the Gullington who are still cursed. Quiet might be better, but the housekeeper for the Castle is still sick. Sophia won’t stop until she finds a cure for Ainsley.
But to save the eggs, the housekeeper and her friends it’s going to take harnessing the strongest power in the world. And the most elusive. Can love save everyone?

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1970 Huntress of Men e-book cover1970:

Can Narama and the journalist she’s working with discover the facts about the US invasion of Cambodia? More importantly, will they survive as civilians when they go deep into enemy territory with a group of US soldiers? Her skills as a photographer can capture truth, but will they live long enough to see that truth published?

When the regiment they are with is ambushed, can the Huntress of Men’s ancient abilities make a difference against modern warfare? She and her partner are trapped with a squad of soldiers in the dense Cambodian jungle. Are her unique skills and unnatural strength all that stands between them and annihilation? Should she put aside the photographer Narama and let the huntress loose on the unsuspecting foe?

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