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Week in Review January 23 – 29, 2022

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A united Front e-book coverA United Front:

The Culling draws ever nearer—looms really—like a big, fat cloud of doom. With evil brewing, our enemies grow bolder, the warriors of light and dark scramble to be ready for the Winter Solstice, and the Cumhaill fam jam digs in to face the battle of our world’s alignment. No biggie… Team Trouble is on it.

For now, the human populations remain oblivious to the imminent battle to come. If we continue to do our jobs right, it’ll stay that way. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, amirite? Yeah-no.

If evil gains a stronger foothold in our world, it will definitely hurt you.

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Idina Moorfield is a new kind of magical with a dark and twisty lineage. Any other combat engineer in the 82nd Airborne Division would be proud of how far Idina’s come, but the visions and voices in her mind are only getting worse. When it affects her work, Idina gets transferred to a new unit—a unit of misfits with their own problems. But sometimes, what seems like the worst move ever, can turn out to be the beginning of something great. Who says outcasts can’t be heroes?

First, Medina has to come to terms with all her plans going up in smoke while digging deeper than she ever has into the mystery of the Moorfield family secrets. Why is she the only one in her family with these strange new powers? Someone else may also have caught on to her and is keeping watch.

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The Good Troll Detective e-book coverThe Good Troll Detective:

Half-troll. Half-human. All badass.

Maine doesn’t like her father. It doesn’t help that he’s a troll. As in a literal, lives-under-a-bridge troll.  When her father is killed, Maine returns home to settle his estate and learns that he wasn’t any ordinary troll, but the town hero. Seems trolls can be superheroes, too.

When Maine inherited her father’s Mantle, she got more than a demonically possessed magical cape that reveals one’s weakness. She also inherited several busloads of mythical adversaries. Thanks, Dad! Now that she’s inherited the Mantle, her father’s assassins are coming after her.

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Burn the world e-book coverBurn the World:

Lyssa thought the Night Goddess was her ally. After an out-of-this-world international incident, she’s no longer sure. Despite the risks, Lyssa can’t hide on Last Remnant. A series of thefts in Miami might be far more sinister than they first appear, and the Tribunal needs their best asset to investigate. Reputation is a double-edged sword.

Lyssa’s alleged allies are nothing but trouble. A local Sorcerer doesn’t appreciate the arrival of a high-profile outsider taking over his investigation, and government agents are more concerned with CYA than taking down bad guys. A mysterious and ruthless new faction is also interested in the thefts. The developing three-way race to the truth pushes Lyssa to her limit.

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Political-sky-ebook coverPolitical Sky:

The Dragon Elite are growing. At an alarming rate, no one saw coming. It’s hard for S. Beaufont to imagine that dragons were nearly extinct and now they are hatching rapidly.  However, for every good dragon, there is an evil one. That was the way the angels set it up. But can things be changed?  Can an evil dragon turn good? And if so, then is it possible a good one can switch too?

As new evils lurk in the world, Sophia works to manage the new population at the Gullington.  Never before were there so many possibilities for maintaining justice. But never before has there been so many trying to break the laws in the world. Can the Dragon Elite uphold justice or will they be overrun?

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Dragon's Party e-book coverDragon’s Party:

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen now has her full dragon power. And just in time, because her enemies are gathering. A war for control of the planet is brewing—one that has he potential to destroy dragons and humans alike.

The Mage Assassins are no longer content to hide in the shadows. Their day has come, and they will rise to turn the world into a place without dragons. First, they must deal with the steel dragon by either pulling Kristen into their web or killing her.

Kristen has proven to be a difficult target to eliminate. However, when faced with a choice between humanity’s survival and dragon kind, who will she choose? Blood or family?

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1962 e-book coverHuntress of Men:

After thousands of years of hardship, bloodshed, and tragedy, can the Huntress of Men be allowed a little time out in paradise? How is she to know that the beautiful and rich Brazilian socialite she befriends en route to Ipanema will drastically change the course of her journey? Who would have believed how easily she would become fully immersed in this captivating tropical paradise world?

But is it Narama’s fate to be endlessly ripped from moments of respite? On the white sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, how could she have anticipated an intricate kidnapping plot that shakes her to her core? Working against time, can she fight the manipulative, deceiving foe from her past?

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