A new week brings us more new releases!

Mondays are my second favorite day of the week. The first is Fan Pricing Saturdays where I tell you about all the discounted books and then Mondays because I get to tell you about all the new releases. I can’t think of better things to talk to all of you about because I know you love reading about the releases and fan pricing as much as I like talking about them!

I have 4 marvelous books launching this week. One of them releases this morning and the rest are on preorder for the remainder of the week. On top of that, there are two new series, one of which starts today!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: A Desperate Man
Series: Devil’s Dream Book 1
Release Date: 10/16/2023

You can’t cage evil. You have to kill it.
FBI Agent Allison Moore isn’t just rising through the ranks—she’s the Bureau’s beacon of hope. Her flawless track record and unyielding determination make her the go-to agent. But everything changes when she gets a call about the one name that chills every agent’s blood: Matthew Brand.
Brand’s genius once held the promise of revolutionizing science and medicine. But darkness took hold, leading him down a path of gruesome experiments and a quest to play God. The media didn’t hesitate—they dubbed him the Devil.
When Brand’s reign of terror swept the nation, the FBI acted swiftly, and the world believed the nightmare was over as Brand was caged. They were wrong.
Now, he’s back and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Allison is quick, but Brand is quicker. Smart, but Brand is smarter. And now, he’s targeting her family.
Can Allison overcome the odds and stop this monstrous genius before her world is shattered forever? Or will she discover that even her best isn’t good enough against evil incarnate?

Title: Sanctuary
Series: The Elementalist Book 4
Release Date: 10/18/2023

Every discovery demands a seeker. Every power, a circle of allies. Every journey, unexpected turns.

Jack, the unmatched Elementist, is back, and the world can hardly keep pace.

Delving deeper into the enigmatic realm of the Elementals, Jack finds himself surrounded by an eclectic array of allies.

But who are they truly?

Drawn by the magnetic pulse of his burgeoning abilities, shadowed elementalists step into the light, while fervent scientists and creative engineers showcase their prowess.

But is Jack treading a dangerous path in weaving this intricate web of alliances?

With every new face comes a surge of political deception and societal pressures. Can he discern friend from foe in this intricate dance of power and trust?

Within this maelstrom, Jack faces trials that shake his very essence. The stakes are sky-high as he grapples with decisions that could redefine elemental magic. What sacrifices will he make? And to what lengths will he go to protect and lead his eclectic band?

Amid the swirling challenges, another question looms: Can Jack and his newfound allies unite their strengths and triumph in their elemental quest?

Title: Quantum Conjurations
Series: Eldrich Engineer Book 1
Release Date: 10/19/2023

His experiment shouldn’t have wrecked his lab, created a portal to another dimension, or sucked him through said portal.

Despite all that, Charles Smith found himself landing atop the emissary of an evil group of mages called the Shadow Council.

Literally on top of him, along with half the gear from his lab, which had the fortunate side-effect of turning the evil sorcerer into paste.

This won Charles the gratitude of King Alfred, ruler of the Kingdom of Kortall and the man who said sorcerer had been threatening moments before Smith’s arrival.

But the reward for a job well done is always more work!

Alfred quickly recruits Charles to help defend his kingdom against the invading army. Wildly outmatched, Alfred’s forces are on the verge of being crushed. If he falls, there will be little to stop the Shadow Council from taking over the entire world.

Charles will need every trick he knows, including a lot of science, some engineering—and maybe even a little bit of magic—if Kortall is to have any hope of surviving!

Title: Dragons Never Die
Series: Secret Agent Witch Book 6
Release Date: 10/20/2023

A secret weapon is loose in the world that threatens magicals. Can Ailsling Keane and her mechanical dragon partner Shimmer steal them away from their owners before they can be used?

Dragonfly continues to rebuild after the destruction of its base, but it’s slow going. The technologies she’s used to relying on are hard to come by. Even Shimmer is impacted. His personality is now stored in an older, and less capable version of his body.

Will this tip the odds never in their favor?

The remnants of Apocalypse are tired of waiting. They will have their revenge and have discovered a flaw in Aisling’s armor – her boyfriend, Eddie. He has no idea of the danger he faces.

Jameson Hart is moving pawns around the city, steadily closing in on Aisling. He wants her removed from his game.

And the mysterious Kali, long a hidden figure of the criminal underworld nibbling on the edges of DragonFly’s realm. He’s taken a closer interest in Aisling’s recent attack on the corporation that makes the DragonEye.

If she discovers the connection, it could ratchet up the danger to extinction levels.

Aisling always wanted to be a secret agent. But you know what they say. Careful what you wish for, because it might just kill you.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Aisling Keane on her new adventure!

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You never know when a portal to another dimension is going to open. However, when working with quantum physics, you must know it is a possibility.