Welcome to the website of LMBPN Publishing, the team behind The Kurtherian Gambit and Oriceran Universes being built by Michael Anderle and a HOST of other amazing Independent Authors, Artists, Narrators, Production Editors and of course…


A little history

LMBPN Publishing started as a book, nothing but a series with a desire to merge the Paranormal and Science Fiction thinking ‘what if?’

The first book released by Michael Anderle was Death Becomes Her in November, 2015. He and his small Indie Publishing Company would go on to release a total of five books in the next 90 days, and cross five figures in monthly income at that same time.

Fast forward two years and Michael has released over thirty books, additional novellas, been a part of two anthologies and collaborated with over fifteen other Indie Authors.

By March of 2018, LMBPN Publishing has a total of over 180 titles published in their Kurtherian, Oriceran, Protected by the Damned and other Universes, attaining the bestseller status on multiple occasions, in multiple competitive genre’s, and has a personal ranking in the Top 100 Amazon authors.

Now, the Kurtherian Gambit Audio Book Series ranks as a top 100 Best Seller in multiple Genre’s due to the merging of paranormal and sci-fi elements.

LMBPN Publishing has moved forward with expanding both The Kurtherian Gambit Universe, and the Oriceran Universe with Co-Universe collaborator Martha Carr. We are working on the Forgotten Gods IP with CM Raymond and LE Barbant, LMBPN Publishing is also working with Chrishaun Keller-Hanna as a minority interest in Shaman States of America with CKH Group and the Protected by the Damned Universe with Michael Anderle.

See the other authors working with each Universe.

Kurtherian Gambit Universe: Http://kurtherianbooks.com

Oriceran Universe: Http://Oriceran.com

Protected by the Damned:


LMBPN is the publishing company for the Kurtherian Gambit, Oriceran, Protected by the Damned and other Universes. In addition to Michael Anderle, we have published in ebook, book, and audio format collaborations with Justin Sloan, Craig Martelle, TS Paul, CM Raymond and LE Babant, Paul C. Middleton, Amy Hopkins, Ell Leigh Clarke, PT Hylton, Candy Crum, Martha Carr, Sarah Boyce, A. L. Knorr, Sarah Knoffke, and many others.

Further, we have audio only projects with Martha Carr, Kim Faulks, Jami Albright, and A.L. Knorr.

LMBPN is a supporter of SAG*AFTRA for our Audio Narrators.


LMBPN Publishing has an ongoing effort to translate The Kurtherian Gambit into German and Spanish at this time. In March of 2018, we have three titles (two German and one Spanish) released to date and the next two books (one in each language) in process.


EC001: Tabitha’s Vacation, by Michael Anderle, Narrated by Emily Beresford

We kick off the Ear Crush podcast in grand fashion with guest host Michael Anderle introducing Tabitha’s Vacation, a story featuring hacker extraordinaire and Ranger 2, Tabitha. Tabitha is one of the most popular characters in the world of the Kurtherian Gambit and who better to bring this story to life than Emily Beresford, the …

EC000: What the Heck is Ear Crush?

  Welcome to Ear Crush, episode zero.   Stephen Campbell and Michael Anderle briefly discuss the story behind this audio stories podcast and explain what you can expect in weeks to come. To keep up with all things related to LMBPN audiobooks and stories, please sign up for our email list by clicking here.


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