Paul C. Middleton

About Paul C. Middleton
I was born on Remembrance day, I was early. My mother wanted me to be born at 11, but the doctors delivered me at 9:30. I’m contrary like that. My childhood was shaped by a bout of meningitis, that was diagnosed by my grandmother over the phone. She was one of her generation’s few female doctors. The effects of which, including loss of fine motor control, would shape the rest of my life. Proving you can still be a writer with bad handwriting, but not bad enough for me to follow in her footsteps and become a doctor.

I may not be a surgeon now, but I still like sharp things. Swords are my thing, and I studied Iaijutsu, and a plethora of other martial arts, with and without blades. Not in the serial killer kind of way, but more of a curious enthusiast. Also the blunted weapons, gotta have a bit of a thump. Tie that in with 15 years of medieval reenactment (and no I don’t mean ren-fair) and studying history and philosophy at uni. I’ve got a lot of knowledge built around weaponry, tactics and military history.

I spent some time in cadets, and a lot more around soldiers and ex-soldiers. I learnt how to shoot, gun safety, camping, how to march, how to navigate with a map and compass (forget that GPS stuff) and other basic military skills, like how to make a verse in a marching tune about each individual in the unit. Hopefully some of that comes across in the realism I put into the more military oriented books.

I’m always working on several fictional worlds simultaneously, including a collaboration with Michael Anderle. Some of my works have been published, maybe more by the time you’re reading this, while hundreds more pages are lying orphaned in my incomplete folders. So, I’m generally working on three books (at least) at any one time. One day they’ll all be out there for you to read. In the meantime I’m living in a regional town in Australia, with a day’s drive to the nearest capital city.

Right now I live at home with my partner of eight years, and between novels I’m a full time carer. I’m completing my bachelors degree with a major is philosophy, and right now I’m applying that learning to the deep question of whether a self-published author can survive on more than cat food. This is a terribly important question, as I have two beagles to feed. I am wary of bumps in the house due to my partner’s severe epilepsy. The nurse beagles assist me in keeping an ear out enthusiastically… oh so enthusiastically… in this.

Boris Chronicles: Books 1-4