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Now that you know all about the Cyber Monday Deals, now we can get down to the new releases this week, which includes a brand new series coming at the end of the week – with another series or two coming later this month. ​​

I have 5 fabulous books launching this week and one is already out for you to enjoy!

This Week's New Releases

Title: Keeper
Series: Diary of a Dark Monster Book 6
Release Date: 11/27/2022

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is your friend – at least temporarily.

Henry Neumann has entered into an uneasy alliance with the ancient Pict, Stryker to take down a common enemy. Kunith must finally die.

Not everyone on the team is happy with this. Nicole wants to find another way. The bounty hunter has seen what happens when you turn your back on an enemy. You find a knife between your shoulder blades.

But the alternative is the destruction of Seattle. They’ll make it work.

A new Pict artifact has been discovered. It could help them lock Kunith away for good.

Can they figure out how it works in time? Will the Pict relic play a role in unlocking the artifact?

Henry’s secret life as a shifter is getting pulled into the light, trying to save his city. Will he make the sacrifice?

Get your copy to find out if Henry Neumann’s life as a billionaire around town will come falling down around him. Or will he build a new one? 

Title: Dogs of War
Series: Pain and Agony Book 8
Release Date: 11/29/2022

What do you do when you find yourself without your right hand?

Pain and Agony have proven time and time again that their dysfunctional duo works.

The perilous partners can handle anything together. But now they’re going solo…

…and they’re about to find out how much they’ve come to rely on each other.

When Agony is spirited to the middle of nowhere, things get dicey for them both.

The dangers are not contained to the glittering city lights. Some old scores can never be forgotten.

Our tenacious twosome did just fine by themselves before they ran into each other, but the world has changed, and they can’t go back to the way things were before they met.

They’ll need more than their usual shoot first, ask questions later tactics to get through this in one piece, and reunite.

Can the pugnacious pair survive a frantic search and a breakneck investigation that will test them to the edge of their will and sanity?

Title: Witch With A Challenge
Series: Witch Warrior Book 7
Release Date: 11/30/2022

Can US Deputy Marshal Cait Keane and her Dragon partner, Aza survive the “new normal” in Boston and Ireland?

A shadowy presence in this world is controlling the shifters, supporting them as they carry out attacks on the innocent citizens of Westport and the witches that protect them.

On Oriceran, something unseen has an agenda with Aza’s family and an unwilling blood donation.

The fragile balance between the Roses and Dragons has been destroyed by a pair of Syndicate assassins determined to make Boston the prize.

Cait and Aza are right in the middle of all of it.

It will take everyone along with help from the Federal Agents of Magic and one of Aza’s favorite friends, Rath the Troll to clean up these streets. 

But wait, there’s more. Cait must decide if she can become a thief while avoiding her mother’s efforts to marry her off to a powerful magical to strengthen the coven.

A new and powerful enemy is becoming visible in the distance, overshadowing everything. Does Cait see it in time?

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Shield of the Pack
Series: Great Lakes Investigations Book 6
Release Date: 12/1/2022

Surrounded by enemies and no good choices.

Maggie has been on the run from her old pack, so she’s stunned when they show up to ask for her help. She knows they wouldn’t ask her for anything unless they had no other choice.

She has no idea just how bad their situation is.

The Bitterfur pack has been targeted by a complex and powerful spell that is draining the power from the shifters. 

It shouldn’t be possible, but the proof is right there for Maggie to see. If she does nothing, it’s the end for the pack.

Maggie swallows her pride and agrees to put past hurts aside for the moment and do what she can to save the people who did her wrong.

Just as the Bitterfurs had to turn to their enemy, now Maggie has to turn to hers.

Will Cyrilla take pity on the pack? Or will she turn Maggie away?

Title: Game of Serfs
Series: Game of Serfs Book 1
Release Date: 12/2/2022

It was supposed to be a fun break while school was out for the semester.

A chance meeting between Benjamin Draig and Martin “Marty” Ambrose suggests the potential for a great friendship. Both were with different groups of friends just outside of Moab both on their way to hike through the mountains.

But then things went horribly wrong.

It’s all Benjamin and Marty can do to stay alive when the earth opens beneath their feet and they’re swallowed by the mountain.

As a fire-spewing monster emerges and spreads its wings to blot out the sky, Benjamin and Marty learn that the comfortable illusion of world they knew is gone.

Everything has changed. Depending on the other for every second of their survival, they reach what looks like safety…

…then their entire world comes undone.

The world beneath the mountain is impossibly huge, but the sheer size isn't the only thing that beggars belief.

As the titanic monster takes to the sky, leaving behind the lair that has lain buried for millennia, the two men know what they have to do.

They've got to brave the dangers the dragon's lair and hope there's something to defeat the monster razing the country in fire and flames.

Otherwise this new world is going to be a place where becoming a dragon’s dinner is the better option.

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