At the Speed of Yeti

At the Speed of Yeti

Professor Watson and his students fought an epic battle to stop the necromancer who gathered portions of the Demon Codex and threatened to unleash chaos throughout the world.

They rescued the trapped souls from his skeletal clutches, and banished the lich to another plane, winning the day.

Or did they?

Watson suspects that their success is just a feint in a larger game from the necromancer.

On the off chance that he’s right, Watson must round up other fragments of the Demon Codex before others fall victim to its power.

He can’t do it alone, but who can he trust?

Worse still, his opponent knows him better than he knows himself and is second guessing his every move. In a time of crisis and uncertainty, Watson must turn to old, otherworldly powers if he wants any hope of defeating his undead opponent.

Can Watson find help before its too late? Or will another betrayal shift the balance of magic in the world?

Get your copy and join Watson as he races against time to prevent another disaster!

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About the Author
Lawrence M. Schoen & Brian Thorne

About Lawrence M. Schoen

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Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, is a past Astounding, Hugo, and Nebula, nominee, twice won the Cóyotl award for best novel, founded the Klingon Language Institute, occasionally does work as a hypnotherapist specializing in authors’ issues, and is a. cancer survivor.

His science fiction includes many light and humorous adventures of a space-faring stage hypnotist and his alien animal companion. Other works take a very different tone, exploring aspects of determinism and free will, generally redefining the continua between life and death. Sometimes he blurs the funny and the serious. Lawrence lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and their dog.

About Brian Thorne

I was 12 and sitting up in a tree in Colorado. I had a copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight in my hands and I was at peace. Thank you Weis, Hickman, and every other author of fantasy and sci-fi that I have encountered since!

I loved stories then and I still do. Now I hope to provide some of that joy and escapism to readers of my own. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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