Daughters of the Primals

Daughters of the Primals

Therion, the Son of Destruction, is dead.

Without the offspring of Diablos, the Nephilim hordes have gone dormant and Angelica and the Daughters of the Watchers have had three years of blissful living.

Their careers have advanced. Their relationships have blossomed. Everything is coming up aces for the women.

Until the status quo is unexpectedly upended by a new threat.

An entity more powerful and deadly than any they’ve faced before is hunting down the Daughters of the Watchers one by one.

The Daughters scramble to identify this mysterious terror and why it’s hunting them. They discover that their given abilities and gifts are useless against this new adversary.

Their only choice is to depend on allies old and new who have tapped into much a greater power—the power of the Primals.

Have they rested on their laurels for too long? Can they trust these enigmatic new powers?

Meanwhile, old enemies are emerging from the shadows to take advantage of the Daughters’ preoccupation with staying alive.

The King of the Abyss had remained quiet for the last three years. However, Diablos’ diabolic plans have reached fruition, and the Star of Nimrod are preparing to expand their hybrid-hating message.

Will Angelica and her allies be able to contend with adversaries new and old while maintaining their newly found peaceful lives? Or will it all come crashing down as they fight a battle that they are ill-prepared for?

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About the Author
G.Z. Rodriquez and D.J. Vargas

G.Z. Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican native-born currently living in central Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in the IT engineering field for the last 20 years. Married to a wonderful wife, Wined, of twenty-five years, and has three boys on Earth, Carlos, Levi and Tim, and another waiting for him in heaven, Zachary. He enjoys working out at the gym early in the morning (yup – the 5 AM guy), reading all sorts of books, and watching movies with the family.

D.J. Vargas was born in South America to Caribbean parents and has lived on both U.S. coasts (prefers weather in the West, and the pizza in the East). D.J. is an avid reader of urban fantasy, high fantasy, and sci-fi. He has two sons who have entirely too much energy and attitude. His hobbies are playing and discovering new board games, growing an impressive collection of nerdy graphic T-shirts, watching movies, bowling, reading, and instructing his boys in the way of the Geek. D.J.’s background in philosophy, religious studies, and all things nerd allows him to infuse his creations with a unique and quirky point of view.

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