Sons of the Damned

Sons of the Damned

The hard-fought peace Angel and her friends had enjoyed has been shattered by the forces conspiring against them.

Now they are up against their greatest challenge yet—preventing the end of the world.

As the Daughters race against the doomsday clock, the human world braces itself for unprecedented destruction and strife after Haniel’s opening of the Seals.

If this wasn’t enough, the global Daughters of the Watchers, led by the two-faced London group, have marked the New York group for eradication.

Angel and her friends are surrounded by enemies. The Star of Nimrod has found unexpected allies that will bring its quest of eliminating all hybrids ever closer to fruition, and the Sons of the Damned have risen again at Diablos’ command.

However, the New York team and their Lancaster counterparts have not lost hope.

On the contrary, they have become the world’s last beacon of light.

Can Angel and her friends defeat their adversaries? Or will they succumb to their enemies as the world crumbles around them?

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About the Author
G.Z. Rodriquez and D.J. Vargas

G.Z. Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican native-born currently living in central Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in the IT engineering field for the last 20 years. Married to a wonderful wife, Wined, of twenty-five years, and has three boys on Earth, Carlos, Levi and Tim, and another waiting for him in heaven, Zachary. He enjoys working out at the gym early in the morning (yup – the 5 AM guy), reading all sorts of books, and watching movies with the family.

D.J. Vargas was born in South America to Caribbean parents and has lived on both U.S. coasts (prefers weather in the West, and the pizza in the East). D.J. is an avid reader of urban fantasy, high fantasy, and sci-fi. He has two sons who have entirely too much energy and attitude. His hobbies are playing and discovering new board games, growing an impressive collection of nerdy graphic T-shirts, watching movies, bowling, reading, and instructing his boys in the way of the Geek. D.J.’s background in philosophy, religious studies, and all things nerd allows him to infuse his creations with a unique and quirky point of view.

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