Dragon’s Party

Dragon’s Party

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen now has her full dragon power.

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Steel Dragon 3.

And just in time, because her enemies are gathering.

A war for control of the planet is brewing—one that has he potential to destroy dragons and humans alike.

The Mage Assassins are no longer content to hide in the shadows. Their day has come, and they will rise to turn the world into a place without dragons.

First, they must deal with the steel dragon by either pulling Kristen into their web or killing her.

Kristen has proven to be a difficult target to eliminate. However, when faced with a choice between humanity's survival and dragon kind, who will she choose? Blood or family?

Whichever way Kristen chooses, the consequences will be far-reaching. Deciding to determine her own destiny means she will face opponents on both sides.

That's fine with her.

She will need every ally and friend if she is to uncover the centuries-old plans that are finally bearing fruit.

Can Kristen stop the war before it kills everyone she has ever loved? Or will war break out, wrecking the world in the process?

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About the Author
Kevin McLaughlin

with Michael Anderle

USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin has written more than three dozen science fiction and fantasy novels, along with more short stories than he can easily count. Kevin can be found most days in downtown Boston, working on the next novel. His bestselling Blackwell Magic fantasy series, Accord science fiction series, Valhalla Online LitRPG series, and the fan-favorite Starship Satori series are ongoing.

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