Gods Of New York

Gods Of New York

Breaking out of FBI lock up nearly got me killed, but that’s nothing compared to getting off this damn island.

The gods have descended on New York, and all hell has broken loose.

Apparently, they have big plans for the weekend, but I have a feeling it doesn’t include taking in a Broadway show. With three gods angling for control and the Forgotten battling it out on every street corner, I want nothing more than to save as many souls as possible and get the hell out of town.

But supernatural gridlock is a bitch, and their evil master plan is not something I can just leave behind.

I’m Vic Stratton. I’ve got a werewolf, a demon for hire, and a flaming sword of the gods on my side.

It’s time to deliver the Big Apple from evil.

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About the Author
ST Branton

ST Branton is the pen name for the combined writing efforts of CM Raymond & LE Barbant.

CM Raymond calls a river valley of Western Pennsylvania home. Outside of reading and writing, he loves to spend time with his family in the woods and wilds or the city streets.

He and his co-author LE Barbant are the authors of the following series:
Steel City Heroes (Superhero/Urban Fantasy)
The Rise of Magic (Future Fantasy)
The Jack Carson Stories (SciFi Thriller)
Forgotten Gods (Mythic Urban Fantasy, written with the Mythic ST Branton)

L. E. Barbant is a sometimes Professor trying to cut it as a science fiction and fantasy author. A fan of classics–new and old–Lee tries to write books that take an honest look at the world and then say screw it, let’s find a better one. Because who wouldn’t want to live in a world where superheroes were real? When he’s not reading, writing, or binge-watching 90s era cartoons, he debates grammar rules with his wife (he mostly loses those fights), plays board games with his friends (he often wins those fights), and contemplates the meaning of life with his cat named Cat (which is never a fight at all since Cat is a pacifist). Lee also co-hosts the Part-Time Writers Podcast with his friend and writing partner C.M. Raymond.

He currently resides outside of Pittsburgh, PA and plans to stay there as long as the great city will put up with him.

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